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Guyana aiming for leadership in cardiology interventions in the Caribbean, says Dr Ramsammy

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, (DPI) – Guyana is on a path to becoming a leader in cardiovascular medical interventions in the Caribbean region, says advisor to the minister of health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy as he delivered remarks at the first Cardiology Symposium hosted on Saturday at the Cara Lodge.

The forum, organised by the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Cardiac (GPHC) unit, aims to highlight major cardiovascular diseases, their prevention and medical interventions to prevent mortality.

“I believe when we announced… our first symposium, whether wittingly or unwittingly, we are making an announcement to everyone that not only do we believe in ourselves, but we have started the journey where Guyana is a destination for high quality, high-class cardiovascular interventions,” he stated.

Dr Ramsammy, who is also chairman of the GPHC’s board, noted that to achieve this goal, Guyana would have to eliminate premature deaths from chronic and cardiovascular diseases. To this end, he disclosed that premature deaths from cardiovascular diseases has decreased from 95 per cent to just under 60 percent.

“Over the next decade, we expect to reduce that further, in the target that we have set ourselves… to be under 50 percent by 2030.

“Not far away from that, can we do it. I believe we can and I believe the announcement of this symposium and enshrining it into the calendar is your expression of your answer that we believe we can do this,” he expressed.

Dr Ramsammy congratulated the unit for organising the event and reflected on how far Guyana has come in cardiology, with Guyanese performing cardiac surgeries locally.
“We have proven to ourselves that we can do this. The fact that all the cardiology interventions outside of the surgical interventions are done now by Guyanese professionals, it’s something we should stand and be proud about,” the advisor posited.

Several presentations were made by medical personnel including head of the Cardiac Unit at the GPHC, Dr Mahendra Carpen and founder of the Caribbean Heart Institute, Dr Gary Stephens.



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