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Government of St Lucia revisits Cabot Development and the country’s patrimony

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada – The new government of Saint Lucia has revisited the previously called and proposed Cabot Lodge Golf Course at Cap Estate deemed a ‘Cabot fiasco’ and another blow to the country’s patrimony, “ having revealed and confirmed the serious improprieties committed by the previous United Workers Party (UWP) government in facilitating this project.

In a recent press release, published on the government of Saint Lucia (GIS), the Saint Lucia National Trust referenced minister Stephenson King’s comments Wednesday, February 2, 2022, asserting:

The government of Saint Lucia, will continue to encourage and welcome investors to Saint Lucia and expects them to preserve and protect the nation’s patrimony as well as the wishes of residents.”

In opposition, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) affirmed that it “stands in solidarity with the people of Saint Lucia and all other organisations which have expressed their concerns regarding the development of Cabot St Lucia.”

Minister King’s comments continued:

“The cabinet of ministers has taken this policy position, [to preserve and protect the nation’s patrimony as well as the wishes of residents ] and in the context of the Cabot Saint Lucia development, the government has decided that public access to Secret and Donkey beaches will be preserved and there will be motorable access to Cas en Bas beach.”

Minister King also announced that “the ancient Amerindian site will be protected and indicated that these arrangements will require continued State ownership of the adjoining Queen’s Chain.”

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“Since 2019 several organisations and individuals have been advocating for the protection and sustainable management of the heritage assets within and adjoining the Cabot development. The minister’s pronouncements are consistent with the recommendations of these advocate groups and in keeping with the notion that there should always be a balance between development and conservation,” reads the National Trust statement. “We welcome these policy decisions and urge the government to approve relevant policies and enact legislation to give them the force of law for the benefit of the State, its residents and the wider global community.”

The Saint Lucia National Trust statement, added:

This will give potential developers clear guidance and guidelines on how development may proceed and avert future disagreements between them, conservation interests and the people of Saint. Lucia,” and looks forward to continue working with the government and people of Saint Lucia to ensure the protection and conservation of our patrimony.”



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