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Garvey Gems to be launched on Jamaica Day

By Judith Hunter

KINGSTON, Jamaica, (JIS) – February 2022 is of great significance to the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD).

It is the month that the Disabilities Act came into effect and the month when the JAD Binders launches the Garvey Gems, a journal which consists of memorable quotes used by the Right Excellent Marcus Garvey, National Hero, who advocated for those who are marginalised.

Director, business development division at the JAD, Deniese Badroe, said that Garvey Gems pays homage to Garvey with a select few of his timeless gems taken from the book, The philosophy and opinions of Marcus Garvey, compiled by Amy Jacques Garvey.

“It is inspirational and is expected to have a wide appeal, as it utilises quotes by Garvey to which everyone can relate,” Badroe said.

Garvey Gems will be launched on Jamaica Day, February 25, and according to Badroe, the JAD is thrilled to announce the birth of this new journal on Jamaica Day, a day for all Jamaicans, which falls within the month that is also commemorated as Black History Month.

President, Universal Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League (UNIA-ACL) Jamaica, Stephen Golding, described the launch of the Garvey Gems as a fitting tribute to the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jamaica’s first National Hero.

“In the 135th year since his birth and a hundred years after he was falsely charged by the United States federal government, we congratulate JAD Binders on celebrating his life and teachings in the publication of their third journal using quotes from his philosophies and opinions,” said Golding.

Meanwhile, chairperson, Digicel Foundation, Jean Lowrie-Chin, a long-standing partner and supporter of JAD Binders, said the Foundation has been supporting their products because of their durability and attractiveness. “We are looking forward to these inspiring journals and congratulate them for developing this concept,” she said.

JAD Binders is a social enterprise under the auspices of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (charity). It creates journals and other items for sale, the proceeds from which help to provide education and employment opportunities within the deaf community.

Copies of the Garvey Gems are available at the JAD Binders, located at the Danny Williams School for the Deaf in Papine and Things Jamaican stores.



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