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Extra ballots expected to hi-jack elections in St Kitts – Nevis

Dear Sir

I want to draw your attention to my concern that Team Unity seemingly has a plan to steal the election. I am so upset that I have to speak up.

Sir, I have been a People’s Action Movement (PAM) supporter since I was small. My parents were PAM supporters and the last election helped to mobilise the PAM supporters in my area.

I was glad that after so many years we were able to inflict a severe licking on labour and was able to get Dougie out of office. But it was upsetting to me when our PAM leader refused to be prime minister and gave the office, not to one of our own people, but to someone who was Dougie’s, right-hand man. I did not expect much from him and we got even less. His behaviour in his first trip, “begging for a watch and a pair of shoes, his determination to make his family rich and to ignore the poor, stranding the students abroad” and most shocking of all, being aided and abetted by my PAM leaders.

What has happened to my party, the party of my parents and family is more shocking than even the behaviour of Dr Timothy  Harris, even the trouble he caused in the ‘Saint Lucia hotel’.

Imagine two PAM leaders, lawyers who we respected, “found guilty of what amounts to be theft, and could now be debarred”.

Our leader who gave up the office of prime minister gallivanting around the Caribbean, the US, and England to take part in masquerade and alcohol. We are God-fearing people and the fall from grace of PAM is disgusting.

Now, I have reached my last straw. Every election I work in the nearest Polling Station to my house as a PAM agent. I thought a lot about whether I should go back this year. I prayed for guidance and discussed it with my wife and our Pastor. They said it was my civic duty and I should go. I went to a meeting with a high-level minister of the government. At that meeting, I was shocked to be told that some of the PAM supporters will come to vote with extra ballots in their pockets and we will have to allow them to smuggle these into the ballot box.

We in PAM have won and lost but we never had to revert to underhand tactics and law-breaking to win. I left the meeting very troubled and my wife and I went back to our Pastor who told me to follow my conscience.

Sir, my conscience tells me to make this public and to see if they will still be bold enough to try to steal the election the same way government ministers are not able to seemingly “account for over 900 million dollars”.

I am a religious man and when I opened my Bible for guidance the word of the Lord reached out to me from Leviticus 19:11, “Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.” I will not turn up on Friday at the polling station. I will not vote and my family will not vote. While I cannot talk publicly because of my fear for myself and my family, I am writing to you to publish this and warn my fellow countrymen about what is planned.

I think that is why the Regional Police, approximately 25 of them have arrived in St Kitts and Nevis. This also answers why Dr Harris don’t want observers and why he placed his own people in charge of the elections. It is a shame and I hope they all feel the full wrath of the Lord our God.

Sir, I am the truth-sayer and follow the words of the Almighty God, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32. Yours in the name of the Almighty.

Bob T Ailey



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