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Entrapment controversy, ethics violation and pretence under investigation in St Lucia

By Caribbean News Global fav

WASHINGTON, USA – Events leading up to the so-called “update to the nation” by the prime minister of Saint Lucia leaves much to be desired in terms of the content and delivery of a delayed broadcast in addition to what is being described as “entrapment, ethics violation and pretence” about what lead to a phone call to the leader of the opposition and political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Philip J Pierre, under an ostensibly “false flag operation”.

According to intelligence sources, a complaint has been filed and an investigation by international authorities of competent jurisdiction is under consideration.

In brief, at the end of the prime ministers’ ill-fated address, he said: “At this time I would like to ask the leader of the opposition Philip Pierre to address us. Thank you sir.”

This followed an interesting display below, followed by the leader of the opposition’s conversation […]

Certainly, this surprised many, and before the broadcast conversation was over, a frenzy of phone calls and messages ensued.

“The Pierre we know could not have been so unprepared, with bad audio, the optics and presentation is not a representation of the SLP we are familiar with,” a WhatsApp message said. “Something is amiss.”

On social media, a commenter said: “I was wondering what’s going on. The only audio was from the leader of the opposition.”

Initial investigation revealed that a phone call was made to the leader of the opposition requesting him to comment after the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) on the day in question.

No request, formal and/or informal was made to the leader of the opposition with regards to participating in and/or to address that nation following the prime minister. Neither was there a request to participate in a round-table of self-interest canaries that were conflicting on many subject matters.

Pierre’s participation in such would have been awkward, given his address to the people of Saint Lucia Wednesday, January 28, 2021, where he outlined a seven-point plan.

Therefore, subject to the ensuing investigation, the less said the better. However, such is the politics of desperation, deception and cyberwarfare.

The United Workers Party (UWP) and government apparatus have seemingly pursued a dangerous path and have open the door to a minefield beyond their ability to withstand.

Throughout this term of the UWP administration, whistleblowers have and continue to furnish valuable information on the modus operandi of government that has lead to many embarrassing moments and contributed to ongoing investigations of government ministers.

“The willingness to engage in telecommunication warfare is sufficient to continue bad polling data and defeat at the next polls,” a retired telecommunications expert told Caribbean News Global (CNG), adding “Saint Lucias’ are tired of an administration playing with there lives and livelihood.”

Besides, “petty politics and the machination of race in the politics of Saint Lucia, the transfer of wealth and preference economics alongside COVID-19 maladministration has widened the gap between the have’s and have not. This is further pontificated by the wise-guy, assertions that the UWP champions wealth creation, while the SLP endeavours in the dispensation of poverty.”

As the window for general elections is closing on the UWP acts of desperation like a caged tiger is expected, from an administration that is confused, heartless, ungodly and as such, unable to find a path out of the COVID-19 and the economic crisis of there own making. And as manifested on many occasions, are comfortable in the false interpretation of the constitution to suit their agenda.

“The prime minister is bitterly disappointing and has certainly lost his way. A state of emergency and curfew is enforced, however, this will not be sufficient in response to the question: Has St Lucia’s PM lost his marbles? – in search of a saving grace leading up to the general elections.”

“Saint Lucia is in crisis. The Cabinet of ministers are in crisis. The UWP propaganda machine is at work,” said a political observer. However, the deliberate and targeted approach at the leadership of the SLP is unparallel and is certain to fail.”

According to a leaked statutory instrument awaiting confirmation by the government of Saint Lucia, a state of emergency has been extended to May 16, 2021.

“Leaders must always listen to the voice of the people. The voice of the people is the voice of God,” said George Odlum.



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