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Double Tenth National Day spotlighting Taiwan’s achievements

TAIPEI, (Taiwan Today) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) released a short film on September 19 in the lead-up to Double Tenth National Day spotlighting Taiwan’s achievements at home and abroad.

Titled “United in stregth, Taiwan moves forward” the 5-minute video has four segments: Democratic Taiwan confidently moves forward, Resilient Taiwan steadily moves forward, Innovative Taiwan sustainably moves forward and Charming Taiwan inclusively moves forward. The four sections highlight democracy, diplomacy, economy and culture, the MOFA said.

‘Democratic Taiwan confidently moves forward’ showcases democratic elections, citizen judges, rallies and marches, with images of diversity and inclusion, embodying the core values of democracy, freedom and human rights.

‘Resilient Taiwan steadily moves forward’ shows recent international and diplomatic outreach including disaster aid, visits to Taiwan by politicians from friendly nations and the president, vice president and minister of foreign affairs’ overseas visits. It also includes shots of collaborative projects that contribute to the good of the international community, according to the MOFA.

In the ‘Innovative Taiwan sustainably moves forward’ section, accomplishments in the fields of chips, semiconductors, biotechnology, indigenous defense, smart agriculture and green energy are showcased, with an emphasis on global supply chains.

‘Charming Taiwan inclusively moves forward’ features international sporting events held in Taiwan, as well as local festivals that attract a global tourist attendance, such as the Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei. Indigenous culture and local foods also feature showing the country’s diversity, the ministry added.



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