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Dominica opposition ‘chickens out’ of general elections, December 6

By Caribbean News Global contributor

ROSEAU, Dominica – Following prime minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit announcement Sunday, November 6, that Dominicans will go to the polls on December 6, 2022, seeking a ‘new mandate’ the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) on Tuesday, November 8, chickens out of the general-elections.

Prime Minister Skerrit calls snap elections: Needs ‘new mandate’

A statement signed by Nicholas George, general secretary, UWP – team Dominica, said:

“In the circumstances, therefore, the United Workers Party has taken a decision not to participate in this fraudulent Election and therefore calls on His Excellency Charles A. Savarin, the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica to revoke the calling of election by the prime minister.”

UWP team Dominica said that prime minister Skerrit announcement “must be condemned by all Dominicans as an affront to our democracy and an insult to our people, adding, “Dominicans cannot be asked at this time to participate in another national election without meeting at least two basic election standards:

  1. A clean Voters List reflecting the persons who can legally vote; and
  2. National ID Cards available to all the legitimate voters.”

According to UWP team Dominica reasoning:

“The Caribbean Court of Justice, the APEX court of this country, in a written decision that in its opinion “…there remains areas of grave concerns about how the process of these elections (2019 General Elections) was conducted. Future Elections in Dominica ought not to proceed with these or similar taints…”

A letter attributed to Sir Dennis Byron, dated November 6, 2022 [ the same day of PM Skerrit announcement] addressed to Lennox Linton, leader of opposition Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, stated:

“ I working towards expediting the presentation of my recommendations for the improvement of the Electoral Process in the Commonwealth of Dominica. I will be presenting my report in two phases. Phase I will deal with the Registration of Electors and Phase II with the Election Process. I am in the final stage of the Phase I report.”

“ […]  Finally, my proposals as to the time- lines going forward are as follows:

    1. I will present Phase I report during the month of November 2022;
    2. Parliament tables the Register of Electors legislation in December 2022 with the plan to enact it in January 2023, so that the Register of Electors could be compiled in accordance with the recommendations during that calendar year;
    3. I will present Phase II of the Report, after a consultation process similar to that undertaken for Phase I in February/ March 2023;
    4. Parliament tables and enacts the Phase II legislation in March/ April 2023.

6th November 2022 , Lennox Linton, Leader of Opposition, Roseau Commonwealth of Dominica – Letter-to-Leader-of-Opposition-Dominica-2

Peter Wickham, speaking with DNO, noted that “the fact that there is no electoral reform completed, and it was a commitment made at the last time that we had an election…there would be electoral reform. Maybe that’s one of the things the opposition can raise as a concern regarding whether or not they thought an election could be called at this stage.”

General secretary, UWP – team Dominica, George, cited:

“We are convinced that the Electoral Reform as demanded by the Dominican population is needed to facilitate free and fair Elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica.”

The Dominica Labour Party is scheduled to reveal its slate of candidates in Windsor Park this evening, Tuesday, November 8 stating – Labour still the best choice, in search of a new mandate.

“I believe in Dominica! I have faith in the capacity of our people, to rise above the occasional challenge, to persevere in the face of adversity and to make do, with what we have, in times of great difficulty.

“I am also aware, that success of the policies I have outlined, and the achievement of Dynamic Dominica requires inspired and inspiring leadership. It requires ministers of government, leading from the front. It requires energy and commitment. It requires constant regeneration and rejuvenation.

“We are at a crucial stage of national development, and we have to ensure that we have The Right Team For These Times! The road ahead will be challenging. It will be difficult. We believe that the Dominica Labour Party must look across the country and secure the perfect skill set for these unchartered waters,” said prime minister Skerrit, Sunday evening.

Should UWP – Team Dominica maintain its position to chicken out of the general elections – “an unwise decision,” commented CNG’s economic contributors and government advisors, “Politically, Dominica will become a one-party state.”



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