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Dominica introduces new CBI Regulations 2023

ROSEAU Dominica – The government gazetted a consolidated set of new regulations, the Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2023 (the 2023 Regulations). The 2023 Regulations repeal the existing regulations and amendments and come into effect immediately.

The consolidated regulations provide a clearer legislative framework for all stakeholders to follow. The previous iterations of regulations were combined into this December 2023 set to ensure that applicants and agents, alike, are fully apprised of the rules when applying for citizenship.

The 2023 Regulations clarify the roles and obligations of the CBIU. They also introduce powers that reflect existing policies demonstrating Dominica’s commitments to the Six Principles including the mandatory interview requirements, increased powers to deprive citizenship, including if a new citizen seeks to change their name or receives a significant prison sentence and powers to recall passports if citizenship is revoked, the sharing of information with the JRCC and other Caribbean CBI jurisdictions and refusal of applicants who have been denied visas from any country that Dominica has a visa-free treaty (Clause 5 (1) (e) and also the UK, US, EU and Canada (Clause 5 (1) (d).

All adult children must be fully (previously, substantially) supported by the main applicant or his/her spouse. Further, unless they are mentally or physically challenged or an unmarried daughter under 25 living with the main applicant, adult children must additionally provide evidence that they are in full-time attendance at a recognised institution of higher learning to be eligible dependants.

There are no changes to minimum investment thresholds or associated application fees, but the $1,000 fee for the mandatory interview is now enshrined in the Regulations.

The significant changes predominantly focus on strengthening the requirements for registration and renewal for Authorised Agents and Promoters.

Such changes include the tightening of eligibility criteria for Authorised Agents and increases in application and renewal fees for Authorised Agents and Licenced Promoters.

The CBIU upholds its commitment to ensuring that its Authorised Agents and Licenced Promoters promote and market the CBI Programme to the highest standards and have enshrined the Promotional Guidelines in the 2023 Regulations to reinforce the importance of protecting the Programme’s reputation and increasing the fine for breaches.

Download the full regulations.



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