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‘Disposable Senators’ invent the rule of law in St Lucia

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada –  The government of Saint Lucia, hell-bent on forcing under the cover of COVID-19 intrusive and regressive legislation, last Friday used ‘disposable Senators’ on a second attempt to convene an unconstitutional and illegal Senate to approve draconian legislation, the COVID-19 (Prevention and Control) Bill.

“It would appear they used disposable Senators for [yesterday] Friday’s picnic,” said a source familiar with parliamentary procedures, following the rogue and lawless government to bypass the opposition and independent senators and appoint two ‘temporary independent Senators’ and one government Senator to constitute a favourable majority to do the governments bidding.

Angelina Polius is sworn in as a Senator

The actions of prime minister Allen Chastanet, president of the Senate Jeannine Giraudy-McIntyre and governor-general Neville Cenac collectively made a mockery of the Constitution of Saint Lucia to appoint government Senator Angelina Polius and two ‘disposable independent Senators’ Marcella Johnson and Jacinta Lee.

Marcella Johnson (left) and Jacinta Lee

In an earlier statement Augier said: “In this particular case, the legislation at hand has profound, immediate and direct impact on the private sector and in our view, requires input from those likely to be most affected. Our voice is not a solitary one in that regard. At least two civil society institutions of some standing, have written to communicate their significant discomfort. We suggest, therefore, that it is in the best interest of both the government and the governed to speak with each other before proceeding with any undue haste. The result should be a more sustainable outcome for all concerned,” as outlined in St Lucia’s Senate in a constitutional morass.

St Lucia’s Senate in a constitutional morass

According to prime minister Chastanet, madam president dealt with the situation: “Unfortunately, you had two independent senators that were sick. There is certainly a lot of interpretations out there. I am not a lawyer. I do not think that the constitution ever contemplated that the Senate could not conduct business. I am satisfied with the two independent senators which are the appointment of the governor-general. We have it on our side when there are members of parliament that travel or are sick, the constitution allows us to temporarily appoint somebody, so there is nothing that is peculiar about the situation.”

The prime minister further accredited the governor-general: “The great thing about the governor-general is that he is very experienced in politics and he has invested a tremendous amount of his time in understanding the constitution. I know he is passionate about his constitution so I can assure you that every perimeter of this situation was analyzed by everyone.”

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (L) and Governor-General Neville Cenac

The historical record reflects the governor-general infamous as a former labour party member of parliament who crossed the floor and now betrays the so-called “understanding of Constitutional law” under the advisement of a prime minister who is abstract of the introduction to a social, theological of economic physiology. The prime minister underpinning is that of a Machiavellianism personality trait centered on manipulativeness, callousness, and indifference to morality.

Mark Hennecart submitted that Saint Lucia is no longer a democracy but a feudal state with a seemingly infallible King supported by powerful Knights and comical jesters.

The notable columnist Denys Springer said: These were not independent senators per se as one of the ‘disposable Senators’ is immersed in the United Workers Party (UWP) hierarchy. They are breaking all the laws in pursuit of trying to block the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) at every juncture from coming together to build that momentum in kicking them out at the next general election. Their blatant dishonest act has now gone viral. These infamous women [the disposable Senators] should have been more concern about social justice, redistribution of wealth, the education of our people and above all, equality under the law. Approving such legislation will bring about a medieval restriction on the liberty and freedom of thought and expression on all Saint Lucians.”

The actions of prime minister Chastanet, president of the Senate Giraudy-McIntyre, governor-general Cenac to collectively convene the Senate and appoint government Senator Angelina Polius and two independents ‘disposal Senators’, Marcella Johnson and Jacinta Lee, according to sources will be challenged in the Courts in the coming week(s).

The mockery, rogue and lawless government of Saint Lucia is summarised by John Peters:

“Friday was a sobering moment for me as I saw an astonishing act in the Senate, where two Independent Senators were sworn in on a temporary capacity to push through legislation. The Senators then mysteriously were able to read the piece of legislation in detail and prepare their contributions in the Senate in record time. In the utter amazement, one wondered if before my eyes was a constitutional mockery.”




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