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Digital environment: Center of all interactions

GUATEMALA CITY (CentralAmericaData) – The health crisis, quarantines and social distancing measures in Central American countries, forced individuals and companies to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, which caused the digital to become the center of all interactions.

In this scenario of covid-19 propagation, companies have had to migrate to the digital at great speed. The digitalization plans that companies were planning to implement in a period of one to three years are now being implemented in a few weeks, according to an analysis called “The Digital Agenda: Opportunities for the Service Sector”, prepared by the Market Intelligence Unit of the Guatemalan Export Association (Agexport).

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According to the document, business leaders who seek to succeed in the new normal must establish their digital agendas to meet new customer demands, and adjust their organizational models and technological equipment to operate more effectively.

Regarding the effects of the health crisis on business, the analysis notes that “… Prior to COVID-19, some companies were reluctant to undertake projects they considered risky: traditional organizational cultures, slow learning curves, ‘trial and error’ costs. The crisis has forced everyone to change. Therefore, companies will be more open to change towards digital channels and new working methods.

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The acceleration of the digital transformation is now evident across all sectors and continents and is considered to have advanced five years in digital adoption in about eight weeks, the analysis notes.

Download full analysis (in Spanish).



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