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DBFI token to bring Crypto banking into reality

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Trustlane, a crypto project that originated in Indonesia will launch DBFI token based on ERC20 in Ethereum blockchain. Detail and Prospectus (Whitepaper) has been released with pre-ICO and ICO to be announced soon. DBI token will be issued by Trustlane as a backbone to build the Trustlane ecosystem.

The ecosystem will be built and expanded by using hybrid blockchain technology which acts as intermediary between finance, business and investment sector, all-in-one integrated platform. DBFI platform is a solution for crypto digital assets managed by utilizing banking financial standard and decentralized asset management.

Trustlane is integrating blockchain technology for business, financial and investment sectors in order to exponentially fasten transaction processes. Trustlane also enables effective regulation in bridging the fiat economy with cryptocurrency and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Coin) in the near future. DBFI platform aims to build an ecosystem to ultimately increase time/cost efficiency and enables crypto flexibility with crypto banking developed by Trustlane LLC. DBFI platform differs from DEFI (Decentralized Finance), as the former utilizes centralized systems to enable transaction process, as opposed to non-centralized authority systems adopted by DEFI.

The uniqueness of the Trustlane platform allows data organization and digital assets within the hybrid blockchain ecosystem before any transactions forwarded to public blockchain. The platform enables any digital asset to conform, registered and itemized. The development of the DBFI ecosystem targets B2B sectors which require a simple, transparent and protected business transaction process.

The Trustlane platform uses smart contracts which can be programmed by third parties. The smart contract is an open smart contract (OSM) that can be programmed and used for identification in monetary transactions, investment, confirmation and sending secure messaging between corporations and financial institutions. One of the roadmaps within the Trustlane ecosystem is to issue stablecoins having one-to-one (1:1) value with the respective fiat currencies such as Euro, US dollar, Indonesian Rupiah, etc. The stablecoins are used for transaction intermediary within the Trustlane ecosystem. Trustlane-issued stablecoins are not affected by crypto volatility as they are backed up by fiat cash locked in custodial banks and regularly audited.

Trustlane does not use algorithms or commodity assets to guarantee stablecoin issuance. Within a short timeframe, Trustlane will issue USDV, a stablecoin pegged to US dollar after initial offering of DBI token. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Currently, Trustlane has not opened “Initial Coin Offering (ICO)” for DBFI token. However, Trustlane has already opened a whitelist for those who would like to participate in the Pre-ICO stage. Thirty (30) million DBFI token is allocated for pre-ico stage with distinct offering price.

DBFI token is modelled with static supply and dynamic price, with total supply of 99,999,999 token and maximum initial trade market cap of 800 million dollars. Trustlane focuses on the ideal tokenomic concept which aligns with technology advancement and market demand.



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