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David and Tyson’s powerhouse join forces in Antigua – Barbuda

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By Caribbean News Global

LONDON, England – As expected Alki David, chief executive officer (CEO) of Swissx return to St Kitts and Nevis, September 23 for a court appearance on charges of possession of controlled drugs, importation of a controlled drug into the federation and possession with an intent to supply.

“The arrest stemmed from a misunderstanding about the shipment [products] and its legality. The products included hemp clone plants, hemp seeds and Swissx CBD oil products–all legal, non-THC plant medicines”, turned out to be a report date where the prosecution indicated the state of their preparedness for trial and a trial date was set in the matter for February 2020.

Attorney for David, Jason Hamilton did indicate to the senior magistrate that “he had received instructions from his client regarding the filing of a constitutional motion relative to this matter and that he would be doing so in short order. The constitutional motion seeks to clarify that Hemp should not be listed among Class A narcotics and is not illegal. David’s case is stayed while we prove this in court.”

Setting this matter aside, the team proceeded to Antigua and Barbuda, the powerhouse of the Caribbean with considerable interest to continuing their dominance in regional and international affairs to become the powerhouse of Cannabis, CBD products, and tourism.

David and Mike Tyson explorations in Antigua and Barbuda were productive. Meetings were held with the government, reviewing investment options and enjoying #whatcoollookslike on the island where the beach is just the beginning.

Plans are ongoing for a conference ‘The Davos of cannabis’, development of a hotel, cannabis strains, edibles, and merchandise.

Antigua and Barbuda depend heavily on tourism and financial services. Developing the island as the powerhouse of cannabis in the Caribbean is key for continued employment, social and economic growth.

Swissx has been invited by many new entities in the Caribbean to discuss partnerships. According to David, “It is through building businesses that can raise up whole economies.”

“We have no doubt we will be able to double their GDP’s within a matter of years as the region takes its rightful place in a market that is literally changing people’s lives,” David said, building a major cannabis-based business across several Eastern Caribbean islands.

In San Juan earlier this year, started farming on 1000 acres in Puerto Rico, secured transactions to plant an entirety of 3,600 acres with a possible yield of $3.8 billion annually, after multiple meetings with local farmers and businesspersons.

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Swissx cooperative cultivation plans are fashioned after methods that have been working in Switzerland for hundreds of years. Partners receive free training, seed and supplies, share in the ownership of the plants and remain independent. The premier CBD manufacturer gave assurances that it will purchase all crops at open market value. Swissx has a worldwide distribution network in place and provides the highest quality CBD goods available, in flower and oil form.

Medical grade cannabis is Swissx’s flagship product with low THC and high CBD so that anyone can savour the legal, therapeutic benefits anytime and everywhere (percentages vary but in the US Swissx CBD products test at less than 0.03 percent THC). It is Swiss craftsmanship for your soul. The CBD products are also available to experience at the Swissx Cannabis Club in Hollywood, CA.

David and his Swiss-based consortium launched The Swissx Bank of Cannabis headquartered in Gstaad, Switzerland, with a Caribbean headquarters to be named soon.

Initially the bank and its coin will manage all of Swissx’s financial transactions with its many partners in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, but the bank is also a turn-key solution for the entire Cannabis sector, providing a secure, transparent venue for all transactions, and a coin tied to a commodity. The CBD-hemp business is expected to reach $24 billion in the US alone by 2023.



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