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COVID19 – Delta variant ravages St Lucia

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – On Saturday, August 7, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOH) confirmation of 66 new cases of COVID-19, from a total of 246 samples taken during the period August 4, 2021, to August 6; noting that “ a spike in the COVID-19 cases which was anticipated given the increase in social activities over the past couple of weeks,” short of saying that the general election ‘carnival style’ campaign and the general ad-hoc protocol/policy is the attributing factor, coupled with the Delta variant that is unofficially on the island.

“As we continue to manage the COVID-19 outbreak and prepare for the possible introduction of the Delta variant, it is extremely important that all Saint Lucians adhere to the protocols and continue practicing the infection prevention and control measures,” said the MOH, absent-minded of data points relevant to understanding 90 deaths on the island, vis a vis, “as of August 6, 2021, a total of 32,787 individuals have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 25,522 individuals have received the second dose.”

Meanwhile, the MOH confirmed that the recovery of 11 individuals bringing the total number of active cases in the country to date to 257. Presently, one of the active cases is requiring critical care at the respiratory hospital. The new cases bring the total number of cases diagnosed in the country to date to 5,779.

Trust factors

The situation at hand is one not of isolation, but previously anticipated and explained in many ways. The current management of COVID-19 in Saint Lucia is catastrophic, requiring a dismantling and reconfiguration of the present, as referenced by medical professionals.

“The messaging/public service announcements are not trustworthy, as such, the education of the public is a discontinued factor – that truth matters.”

For too long, many Saint Lucians have been living in the vortex that: “ The truth is what you believe the truth to be”, by the infamous former prime minister, and widely regarded government stooge(s) in the MOH and policy apparatus of the country.

Now the reality has hit the fan – the worsening of the healthcare system, COVID-19 and the Delta variant is approaching a catastrophic surge in Saint Lucia.

New procedure and deliverables

Prime minister Philip Pierre, knows very well that, ‘without people, there is no economy,’ pledged “to pursue a health policy that is patient-centrered, evidence-based, equitable, accessible and affordable.”

In simple terms – the economy of Saint Lucia will not return to acceptable levels absent repositioning from what existed of an inept former administration.

Healthcare has become the top priority, in order to rekindle job creation, national security, social and economic vibrance, and the well-being of people.

2020 revision: Healthcare nightmare

“At the best of times, our healthcare service delivery system is broken, stressed and overwhelmed. Given the lack of built-in redundancy and our human and financial resource capacity constraints, any major escalation in the number of cases though baseline spread (which is to be expected but for which we are not testing) has the potential for both human and economic disaster,” Dr St Rose; March 27, 2020.

“In the context of a COVID-19 pandemic, what doesn’t get tested never gets managed.

“Economic security can only be guaranteed in a sustainable manner if the COVID-19 pandemic is contained. Failure to do so will adversely impact every strata of society, but disproportionately more the lower socioeconomic strata, where poverty, inequality and inequities abound. Small businesses too, which are a major stabilizing force in our small and vulnerable economies, will be affected by lay-offs, fragile cash flow reserves and increased financial risk exposure,” Dr St Rose; November 25, 2020.

Mandatory vaccination …?

In many global jurisdictions and throughout the Caribbean, mandatory vaccination has become a vexing issue, a policy consideration to get world economies moving again.

Despite objections, acts of civil disobedience and violence, Saint Lucia is not immune beyond mandatory vaccination subject to many being unable to participate in regional and global undertakings.

Low statistics of  “32, 787 individuals have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 25, 522 individuals have received the second dose” are measurements of failure. “ The MOH once again wants to reiterate that vaccines are the most effective public health measure in managing infectious diseases. Therefore, we encourage individuals to get vaccinated and be protected from the severe forms, complications, hospitalizations and death from COVID-19,” says the MOH press release.

The message has to be undiluted, noted CNG Insights: “An unvaccinated population will lead to a stagnant economy, low movement of people, negative job creation, the creation  of two societies – vaccinated and unvaccinated –  and inadvertently, more deaths, and an impoverish country.”



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