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Chinese military planes disrupting Taiwan would not help peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, says prime minister Johnson

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada –  UK prime minister Boris Johnson reiterated the British government’s consistent position when responding to an inquiry in the House of Commons on January 26, pointing out that Chinese military planes disrupting Taiwan would not help peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, and stressed the need for peaceful and constructive dialogue between the two sides of the strait.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) expresses its high welcome and sincere gratitude to the British prime minister, the British parliament and the executive branch for their support and attention to peace across the Taiwan Strait, MOFA said in a press release on January 28.

Rob Butler, a Conservative MP for the British House of Commons, questioned prime minister Johnson and expressed concern on the 26th in response to China’s intrusion into Taiwan’s country’s Air Defense Identification Zone.

“This is the third time the UK has emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait during its presidency of the G7 in 2021, and it has once again expressed concern about Chinese military aircraft harassing Taiwan” said MOFA. “In addition to prime minister Johnson, foreign secretary Liz Truss, defense secretary Ben Wallace, secret intelligence director Richard Moore and other officials have also interviewed and delivered speeches in the media on many occasions, publicly emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

The MOFA also noted that the summits of leaders of the United States and Japan, the United States and South Korea, and Europe and Japan last year, as well as the Japan-Australia 2+2 and France-Australia 2+2 talks also reiterated their stance of attaching importance to the security of the Taiwan Strait, highlighting that maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait has become a priority for the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait are a focal point in the region and around the world, said MOFA, citing the US, France, and the European Union, emphasizing: “Taiwan will not give up its free and democratic way of life because China sends military planes to interfere with Taiwan; the continuous coercion of Taiwan by China’s authoritarian regime will only make the world more aware of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party’s use of military force.

“As a responsible member of the Indo-Pacific region, Taiwan will continue to uphold the democratic principles of transparency, high standards, and shared values, and work with like-minded countries and partners, including the United Kingdom’s G7 member states and the European Union, to strengthen the resilience of the Global Alliance for democracy and development,” MOFA asserted to “jointly maintaining peace, stability, prosperity and sustainable development in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Taiwan and the UK enjoy close and friendly relations.



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