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CDB continues regional capacity building on procurement

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) continues to provide support to build modern, efficient, transparent and accountable institutions and promote good governance, as the entity executes new training on procurement under CDB-financed projects through an e-learning platform.

An introductory procurement course has just been launched with a module focusing on procuring consulting services and procuring goods, works and non-consulting services to follow. These support the Bank’s efforts to ensure value for money and efficiency are achieved on funded projects and associated development outcomes realised in a timely manner.

CDB’s approved a new procurement framework in 2019, which applies to all projects approved from November of that year. The framework reflects international best practice while catering to the unique needs of the region. These learning courses support the successful implementation of the updated procurement framework. “Beyond developing procurement capacity to allow the smooth and efficient execution of CDB loans and grants, the training offers an opportunity to build procurement capacity in CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries that will more broadly benefit public sector procurement and support procurement professionalisation in the Region, which the Bank is already championing.” says Douglas Fraser, head of procurement at the bank.

Interest in the training is high as over 200 persons from across the region are participating in the first offering of the initial course. The digital approach, which can be blended with face-to-face and online sessions, increases reach and allows persons the flexibility to self-pace and also affords 24-hour access to the courses building on the Bank’s pursuit of good governance through digital transformation.

Learning content on the introductory course includes procurement eligibility, integrity in CDB projects, procurement planning and operations among other areas. This will add to the breadth of knowledge available at both the recipient agencies and among CDB’s operations staff responsible for projects and procurement supervision. Completion of the courses will ensure greater familiarisation with CDB procurement framework, and relevant documentation to ensure effective project implementation and to reduce fiduciary risk.

Misunderstandings and inappropriate application of procurement procedures can cause time-consuming and costly delays to projects meaning the intended developmental outcomes are not realised efficiently. This can also result in a loss of confidence from potential private sector contractors and service providers in the executing agencies, as well as CDB.

The courses will be hosted on CDB’s e-Learning Platform and can be completed in approximately four hours. Participants, however, can work at their own pace within an allotted two-week period. Certification is provided upon completion. It is currently open to personnel at executing agencies responsible for procurement planning or oversight activities.



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