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CBD for mental health: CBD brands investigate, is it worth the hype?

LOS ANGELES, USA –  Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is being hailed as the new miracle drug for naturally improving mental health. Recent studies have shown a positive correlation between CBD and treatment for depression and anxiety. Is has been proclaimed to have the ability to improve sleep, decrease stress, and treat depression.

CBD has been found to improve serotonin function in the brain, which happens to be a key component to antidepressants. This can be used to treat seasonal or long-term depression by improving your body’s natural ability to experience happiness. It is fast-acting and positive effects improve over time. CBD is not psychoactive, does not produce a “high,” and it has not been found to produce a dependency for continued use. There are fewer side effects reported with CBD compared to other antidepressants, so this is a safe choice when first starting to treat depression.

Popular CBD Brands has vetted over 130 CBD company product lines in order to help the consumer tell the difference between the contenders and the pretenders. You can find their list of the top CBD companies listed here:


Stress can cause insomnia and contribute to other mental illnesses, like anxiety and depression. In excess, stress can also degrade the brain’s regenerative properties and overall health. CBD improves your brain’s ability to process and deal with stress, resulting in less panic and worry. If you find yourself acting before thinking when stressed out, CBD can help you think and process events more rationally.


CBD has been shown to affect the serotonin receptor that is connected with anxiety, making this an effective treatment for anxiety disorders. CBD also stimulates faster restoration in the brain, combating the negative effects stress and anxiety have on the brain’s health. You may find that you are calmer and have a better ability to handle stressful situations after starting to take CBD.




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