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BVI premier Andrew Fahie – BVI ports director Oleanvine Maynard and Kadeem Maynard, drug trafficking and money laundering related charges

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MIAMI / BVI – Following the arrests of British Virgin Islands officials in Miami, a criminal complaint filed in the US Southern District of Florida, charged Andrew Fahie, with conspiracy to Import Five Kilograms or More of Cocaine and conspiracy to launder money. Managing director of ports, Oleanvine Pickering Maynard, and her son Kadeem Stephan Maynard, also face those charges, according to the complaint.

According to case No. 22mj02719-JG… “ there is probable cause for the issuance of a criminal complaint charging  Andrew  Alturo  Fahie,  a/k/a “Head Coach,” +k/a “Coach,” Oleanvine Pickering Maynard, a/k/a “Rose,” +k/a “P,” and Kadeem Stephan Maynard, +k/a “Blacka,” as follows:

  1. “Conspiracy to import five kilograms or more of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine, in violation of 21 U.S.C. §§ 963, 952, and 960(b)(1)(A);
  2. Conspiracy to launder money, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1956(a)(2)(A), 1956(a)(2)(B)(i), 1956(c)(7)(A), and 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv); all in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1956(h).
  3. The facts set forth in this Affidavit are based on my personal knowledge and observations, the knowledge and observations of other law enforcement personnel and civilian witnesses, information and documents received in my official capacity from other sources of information, and information gained through my training and experience. This Affidavit is submitted for the limited purpose of establishing probable cause for the offenses charged, and therefore does not include each and every fact known to law enforcement about this investigation.”

The affidavit list probable cause, (noted here in part):

(5): “ Beginning on or about October 16, 2021, a DEA confidential source (“CS”) had several meetings with a group of self-proclaimed Lebanese Hezbollah operatives (the “Lebanese Group”) who stated that they had business ties to South Florida and the Middle East. Those meetings occurred on the Island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). Through the course of those meetings, the CS requested assistance from the LebaneseGroup to facilitate the use of Tortola as a temporary storage port for drugs (cocaine) transported from Colombia via boat, and destined for the United States. Those efforts would also include the subsequent laundering of drug proceeds.”

“The Lebanese Group agreed to assist the CS by facilitating introductions to senior members of the BVI government who could olTer protection to the CS’s activities, but would require payment for their assistance. A member of the Lebanese group told the CS that he would approach the head of security for Andrew Fahie (“Fahie”) and try to set up a meeting. Fahie was, and is, the Premier of the BVI. A member of the Lebanese Group also told the CS that he “owned” Oleanvine Maynard (“Maynard”), the Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority. Later, members of the Lebanese Group told the CS that they had contacted Maynard, and she agreed to meet with the CS, but she wanted an up-front payment.”

(11) “At the end of the meeting, the CS provided Maynard with a bag containing $10,000 in United States currency, saying it was a gesture of good faith. Maynard responded that she would start her “homework” tomorrow.”

(13) “On or about March 22, 2022, the CS had a phone call with Maynard and Kadeem. That call was audio recorded. From the call it was apparent Maynard and Kadeem had discussed the CS’s proposal with Fahie. They said they had spoken  with  Fahie, and he was very interested in working with the CS. Fahie said he needed an up-front payment of $500,000, and that he would handle the ports and airports. Maynard further explained that Fahie would  need some money to get Government Official 1 on their side. Maynard said she had dropped off the business license applications to aid their scheme, and that Fahie had agreed to help her with the ports aspect of the plan. Further, Maynard explained that Fahie gave her code words to use when she wanted to meet with him about this scheme. The parties then agreed to set up a meeting with  Fahie for  April 7, 2022. The CS thanked Maynard, and she responded: “you’re  my brother now,  I’ll be there  with  you every step of the way.”

(23) “Fahie asked if the CS was an undercover, and the CS responded in a way that re- assured Fahie he was not. As part of that response, the CS explained to Fahie: ‘tell, first of all, you’re not touching anything.” Fahie replied, “I will touch one thing, the money.”  In explaining why he was concerned with law enforcement,  Fahie  told the  CS that the  British had  been trying for years to get him out of office. He said: “I have plenty  of people,  and  I don’t sell them  out to  the British with their plans, their plans are to catch all the people like what you said … they always want to capture people, but me I see what they are doing and I protect the  people.”  Fahie then  added that the CS had responded perfectly to his question about law enforcement. The CS  responded, “I understand, and I have no problem with your question, and thank you that you understand, it’s just trust, we can do it, or we can not, and we’11 be friends … so we good on that matter?” Fahie responded “yes.”

(25) “Towards the end of the meeting, Fahie asked Maynard to leave the room, which she did. FAHIE told the CS he also needed $83,000 in cash (hundreds) to pay back a debt he owed to someone in Senegal. The CS agreed to help with that issue, and they arranged the following: (1) the CS, Maynard and Fahie would meet in Miami on April 27, 2022; (2) the CS would leave the $700,000 cash in a private jet at Opa Locka airport, that would be retrieved by Maynard and an unknown individual on April 28, 2022, to  be flown back to BVI;  and  (3) Fahie  would fly to join the CS in St. Martin on May 2, 2022, where they would meet the man from Senegal and pay back  the debt on behalf of Fahie.”

(27) “On April 27, 2022, the CS and a DEA undercover officer (“UC”) met with Maynard in Miami, Florida, to discuss their arrangement and the side deal that her son Kadeem had planned with the CS. They discussed the cocaine for Kadeem, and how 20 of every 60 kilograms  belonged to the CS. The CS explained that the cocaine would start coming from St. Thomas, USVI, to the  BVI, on April 30,  2022. The CS explained  that the  UC would  be the point of contact  in Tortola for that operation.”

(29) “The parties next discussed how to arrange for the delivery of the drugs from St. Thomas to Tortola. The CS asked Kadeem to meet the CS’s sister in St. Thomas on April  28, 2022. She would have a satellite phone, and $30,000 dollars to provide for payment to those in Tortola that would help with their scheme. Kadeem agreed, and stated that he would take his boat over that morning. Then they hung up the phone with Kadeem, and the CS, UC, and Maynard continued speaking.”

(41) “On April 28, 2022, the CS and UC arrived at Fahie’s residence in South Florida to pick him up and transport him to the airport. These interactions were audio and video recorded. Upon arrival at the airport, the CS stated that he had something to show Fahie. He took him to the plane destined for the BVI that they had spoken about the night before. They exited the CS’s car, and entered the aircraft. In the back of the plane, the CS showed Fahie designer shopping bags containing the $700,000 for Fahie and Maynard. The UC explained that the  money would  be packaged in a suitcase like Fahie had requested, but they wanted him to see it first in person to confirm it was paid. Shortly thereafter, the parties exited the plane, and Fahie was subsequently arrested. Fahie confirmed that he was in fact “Andrew Fahie,” and asked, “why am I getting  arrested, I don’t have any money or drugs.”

(42) “Later that same morning, April 28, 2022, the CS and UC picked up Maynard and R.S. from the same hotel in Miami. These interactions were audio and video recorded. The parties drove together from the hotel to the Opa Locka Executive airport. Upon arrival, the parties walked onto the tarmac, and towards the CS’s private jet. The parties entered the jet, where  Maynard and R.S. sat down. The CS showed them the money, said this is the whole $700,000. The CS provided Maynard her $200,000, and said that it was her payment. He then explained that the rest of the money was for Fahie, and that  it was  very important  to the  CS’s  organization  that the money be kept secure The CS told Maynard and R.S  that the money would be further packaged and hidded prior to the flight. As Maynard exited the plan, she was arrested by law enforcement.”

Anne Milgram, the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in a statement on Thursday, said that the arrests “should send a clear message.”

“[Today’s] arrests of British Virgin Islands premier Andrew Fahie and managing director of BVI ports Oleanvine Maynard, as well as Maynard’s son, on drug trafficking and money laundering related charges should send a clear message,” adding, “Anyone involved with bringing dangerous drugs into the United States will be held accountable, no matter their position. Today is yet another example of DEA’s resolve to hold corrupt members of government responsible for using their positions of power to provide a safe haven for drug traffickers and money launderers in exchange for their own financial and political gain.”



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