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Belizeans participate in agriculture training program in Colombia

By Government Press Office | BELIZE

BELMOPAN, Belize – Thirty Belizeans are in Colombia for a 90-day training course titled “Agricultural Labor Technician” from April 25 to July 18, 2022. The course is a part of the project, Agricultural Technical Work Training for Rural Leaders, sponsored by the Presidential Agency for International Cooperation of Colombia (APC Colombia) in compliance with its mission as a coordinating source of international cooperation.

APC Colombia seeks to strengthen South-South Cooperation with the countries of the Andean Community (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru) and some countries of the Mesoamerica Project (Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica). As a result, they are offering training for rural leaders in areas that will be of direct benefit in their home countries.

The project covers 30 full scholarships for each of the eight participating countries. The course was designed by and will be taught by the PANACA Foundation of Colombia, an organization that specializes in training for agriculture using immersive training techniques.

The Agricultural Labor Technical Training Program seeks to develop technical skills in agriculture and animal production, making the beneficiaries live the day-to-day of business productive units with high-quality standards under the guidance of specialized professionals and expert personnel who manage production processes in the facilities of the Interactive Center for Science and Technology of the Agricultural Sector, Fundapanaca.

During the development of the training modules, the beneficiaries will carry out practical activities in agricultural mechanization, operation of irrigation systems, management of semi-annual crops, establishment of orchards, livestock, pig farming, and production of minor species. Additionally, the beneficiaries will participate in activities that develop their soft and life skills, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities.



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