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Ambassador Nick Whittingham strengthens ties with Honduras

ENGLAND / HONDURAS – Ambassador Whittingham will engage with government officials, civil society and private sector representatives from 18-20 July on actionable strategies and opportunities to strength the UK-Honduras relationship.

The ambassador’s priorities include continue working closely with Honduras in condemning Russia’s ongoing, brutal aggression against Ukraine, which is also generating devastating impacts on energy and food prices worldwide. The UK commends Honduras’ international engagement to end the war.

Ambassador Whittingham will also explore opportunities to advance human rights, freedom of the press and transparency. The UK welcomes Honduras’ plans to strengthening the battle against corruption, and president’s Castro commitment to protect the rights of vulnerable minorities.

In order to foster prosperity and investments, ambassador Whittingham will stress the need to seize opportunities of the UK-Central America Association Agreement, while urging Honduras to continue improving the rule of law, the business environment and fiscal discipline.

Finally, ambassador Whittingham will discuss the UK’s Biodiverse Landscapes Fund, a US$20 million project that will help Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize to protect biodiversity, reduce poverty and tackle the impacts of climate change. In Honduras, the fund would work in the tri-national zone of El Trifinio and La Mosquitia.



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