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ADATA brings unlimited sustainable innovation to CES 2024

TAIPEI, Taiwan – ADATA Technology, the world’s leading brand for memory modules and flash memory, announces its participation in the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show with its subsidiary high-performance e-sports brand XPG, industrial-grade embedded storage brand ADATA Industrial, and telematics products and services affiliate ATrack Technology.

This year, ADATA’s theme will be “Innovate for the Future” with the company booth located at Titian # 2306, The Venetian, Las Vegas, USA from January 9 to January 12, 2024.

ADATA will present three major themed exhibition areas to demonstrate its determination to promote a full range of products and solutions, including the “Sustainability and Cooling Expert Exhibition Area” that showcases industry-leading development in Gen 5 solid-state drive (SSD) cooling and a full range of green storage products manufactured from recycled materials.

The “Smart Living Exhibition Area” presents innovative products and industrial-grade solutions for AI and edge computing. ADATA Industrial creates industry-leading CXL (Compute Express Link) memory modules and ATrack Technology provides comprehensive solutions incorporating positioning and imaging functions.

Finally, in addition to introducing the XPG DEFENDER WS XXL AI smart workstation, the “XPG Xtreme Gaming Exhibition Area” showcases a new series of gaming chassis, thermal solutions, a full range of power supplies, the latest generation gaming laptops, and peripheral products. ADATA invites consumers around the world to come and experience the exhibit in person.

“Sustainability and Cooling Expert Exhibition” showcases industry’s most powerful patented SSD cooling and sustainable green storage solutions.

ADATA delivers the best cooling solutions for high-speed SSDs and has built the coolest SSD on the market! Project NeonStorm Gen5 SSD is a perfect combination of double-layer aluminum alloy air ducts and a liquid cooling system with dual fans. This system lowers SSD temperatures by more than 10 percent compared to fanless Gen5 SSDs, allowing stable and continuous read/write performance up to 14,000/12,000MB/s. In addition, the LEGEND 970 Gen5 SSD offers improved heat-dissipating efficiency through patented extruded aluminum fins, surface crystallization, and a built-in fan. The SE920 USB4 external SSD uses a retractable casing, micro-fan, and patented heat dissipation technology to achieve a continuous read speed of up to 3,800MB/s.

As a reflection of the company’s spirit of sustainable management, ADATA will launch green storage products, Project ECO Flip and Project ECO Refresh flash drives, in the new year. Their product casings use recycled materials and their manufacture produces 85 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than previous production methods. This series of products is expected to be packaged using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials.

ADATA’s ECO series is environmentally friendly inside and out and a testament to ADATA’s implementation of corporate ESG philosophy.



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