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Abu Dhabi economic summit to take place February 28

By Rola AlGhoul and Esraa Esmail

ABU DHABI, (WAM) – The Abu Dhabi Economic Summit, set to take place on 28 February, will bring together experts from the worlds of government, business, finance and technology to explore new frontiers of growth.

The summit is hosted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and organised by Economist Impact

Taking place under the theme “Looking Ahead: the new frontiers of economic growth”, the one-day summit will map the new contours of the global economic landscape, the changes in the past five years and identify the best approaches to capitalising on trends, including digitisation and sustainability.

Over 25 speakers and 300 attendees from the worlds of government, business finance and technology will gather in Abu Dhabi to consider strategies and solutions.

The summit will highlight the unique circumstances of the Middle East and the GCC in particular, as it is a region with a growing population and increasing geopolitical relevance.

The interplay between the government and private sector will be a consistent theme. Private trade and investment are the essential engine of economic growth. However, states around the world have a responsibility to provide some level of support and regulation so that economic growth is equitable.

Speakers and panellists will discuss policy options available for governments, in addition to strategies for strengthening national capabilities and blueprints for developing corporate ecosystems which are innovative and dynamic rather than bureaucratic.

Another topic present throughout the dialogue will be sustainability. Building towards a greener and more efficient economic model is imperative, and experts will discuss how to maintain focus on this goal despite the distractions of economic cycles and short-term politics.

The summit will also examine the so-called “talent crunch”. Navigating to the new frontiers of economic growth will require a different sort of workforce, one in which digital skills are at a premium. Participants will consider how organisations must adapt to find, develop and keep the best people in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.



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