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US Southern Command chief congratulated Honduras for its successes in an operation against drug trafficking and organized crime

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – US Southern Command chief, Admiral Craig S. Faller, congratulated the government of president Juan Orlando Hernández for its efforts and contribution in the “Operation Dominion”, which has dealt heavy blows to drug trafficking and organized crime in the region.

Operation Dominion was carried out by military personnel from Honduras and the United States between the months of April and October. At the closure of the operation, the authorities intercepted 69,224 kilos of cocaine, and 13,509 pounds of marijuana, $567,000 was seized and 195 criminals were arrested.

“I want to congratulate the government of Honduras for its excellent work. Operation Dominio was a success thanks to the trust between the governments of both countries”.

Both governments have developed an alliance in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime that over the years has been consolidated allowing us to achieve very satisfactory results” said Faller. “I want to thank the Hondurans for inviting us to be here and for fighting narco-terrorism”.

Faller highlighted that in 2020, Honduras took more drugs off the streets and made more seizures, which caused a great impact among criminal groups.

“I am sure that by 2021 Honduras will take more drugs off the street than in 2020, therefore, it is important that we continue with this vision of trust against narco-terrorism and all the corruption that they have imposed against democracy and of our values,” Faller said.

The civil deputy chief of the Southern Command and advisor on foreign policy, ambassador Jean Manes, the Charge d’Affaires of the United States embassy in Honduras, Colleen Hoey, and other civil and military authorities from both countries joined president Hernández and Admiral Craig Faller at the ceremony.



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