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Together, let’s build for Canada

Dear Sir

I come from a very small-scale minority group, which enables me to advocate for everyone in Scarborough-Worburn. Having spent 36 years in Canada, like every immigrant, I have worked hard and done my best in the interest of Canada. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that technology is synonymous with economics. Leveraging my background, I aim to bring cutting-edge technology to our country.

My name is David Hu, and I hail from Taiwan. Taiwan has already invested $3 billion in the tech industry in BC. However, similar advancements have not yet transpired in Ontario. With my tech industry background and connections, I consistently engage with democratic countries with high-tech development, such as Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Attracting their tech industry investments has the potential to elevate our country to the next level.

Economic problems cannot be resolved by simply printing more bills, and everyone is implicated in this challenge. Our economic indicators are concerning, and there is a lack of discernible policy solutions to address these issues.

David Hu, Conservative Party of Canada, Scarborough-Woburn (Guildwood)

I am here for every Canadian, offering a simple solution for the next decades, addressing not only the present but also the needs of future generations.

It involves Infrastructure, Technology Corridors, and High-Speed Rail-more than just economics, it entails technological advancement for Canada and alleviating urban pressure in Toronto.

Affordable Housing: When we consider the concept of affordable housing, it reflects the challenge people face in affording a house due to our economic conditions. From a strategic standpoint, our focus should be on finding ways to enable people to afford housing.

For the upcoming property tax, my fellow Canadians, I understand your anger. This is the worst downward spiral for all of us. As the economy takes a downturn, our taxes are essentially on the rise.

We understand what about Woburn, some problems we need to solve from up to down. For instance, solving population density it will result in a lower crime rate and traffic, but this is not what GTA can do.

I share your concern for Woburn and everyone’s well-being, including the rights of each individual and our children. However, I recognize that without a strong economic foundation, our potential for significant achievements is limited. It is from this perspective that I advocate for addressing fundamental issues to pave the way for substantial improvements.

We all recognize the need for change, but it’s crucial to know the direction we are steering towards. Let’s focus on Technology, Transportation, and Economics.

We will uphold human rights, women’s rights, equality rights, welfare, etc. Simultaneously, we must prioritize the economic health that supports the foundation of these rights.

David Hu 

Scarborough-Woburn (Guildwood)



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