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The new wave of projects and a vision of Roseau 2025

ROSEAU, Dominica – The government of Dominica aims to provide equal housing opportunities for all citizens. Following the earlier housing developments. The government of Dominica has once again partnered with Montreal Management Consultants Est. (MMCE) to build four new housing projects namely Stockfarm Housing, Grand Bay Housing, Jimmit Housing and Roseau 1 (Upper River Bank).

Stockfarm Housing & Grand Bay Housing

Consists of four buildings – three buildings of eight units each, and one building of six units, totaling 30 units.

Jimmit Housing

Consists of one building with 30 residences – (4) 3-bedroom units and (26) 2-bedroom units.

Roseau 1 (Upper River Bank)

This housing project is like no other because it consists of a total of 24 homes – (20) 2-bedroom units and (4) 3-bedroom units along with ten shops. Anthony Haiden, chief executive officer (CEO) of MMCE, believes in an integrated community concept. Hence, amenities in this building are good example of incorporating services to the housing projects.

The journey to becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation is no easy feat. Evidently, MMCE has excelled in creating sustainable homes to support the success of the new projects.

Becoming a climate-resilient nation does not only mean living in homes that can withstand adverse weather but also having health care facilities that can accommodate patients in case of an emergency during a natural disaster. Therefore, MMCE is tasked to build a Hospital in Marigot and 11 health centers across the country – namely in Vieille Case, Colihaut, Mahaut, Wesley, Bellevue Chopin, Newtown, Marigot, Penville, Portsmouth, Salibya and Soufriere.

Each health center will consist of a ground floor for the health facilities as well as a first floor serving as living quarters for the resident-nurse.

Ground Floor

First Floor

The government of Dominica has also initiated the building of Community centers/resources centers. “Such move contributes heavily towards the belief in an integrated community concept and the resilience of the whole community” as descripted by Haiden in reference to being tasked to building two Community centers, one in Trafalgar and the other in Vieille Case.

Community Centers

The government of Dominica is also undertaking the works to develop a National indoor Sports Complex. It will serve as venue to both national and international sporting events.

The National Multi-Purpose Indoor Sports Complex will have courts catering to basketball, volleyball, netball, lawn tennis, and a swimming pool. They will be built according to the standards mandated by the FIBA, FIVB, INA, etc. in order for competitions to be hosted at the regional, continental and international levels.

This project is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and increase the level of interest and participation of the youths in sports. Additionally, this can drive Sports Tourism in the country and create career opportunities not only for athletes but also for organizers of sporting events.


The government of Dominica is tenaciously working towards cultivating its vision of “Roseau 2025”. This vision pertains to the enhancement of the city as the national capital and transform into the 21st century.  The vision has ten pillars concepts pertaining to 10 different projects. Details of the plan shall be revealed within two weeks.

When it comes to providing for its people, the government of Dominica surely delivers.




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