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The gobbledygook of an imprudent moke

“Politicking, an unrestrained, unheeding, struggle for purely particular interests, unadulterated ambition, fanaticism of every conceivable kind, new and unprecedented varieties of robbery, the rise of different mafias; and a prevailing lack of tolerance, understanding, taste, moderation, and reason.” (Václav Havel, ‘Summer Meditations ‘ 1992).

Dear Sir

I was aghast when I heard that to critique one’s country’s government is to be considered “an enemy of the State.” This is threatening, and more so coming from a minister serving in a government with an overwhelming majority.

This declaration, coming from one who himself has critiqued government’s for several years is unprecedented and is an exhibition of a lack of tolerance. The character is also one who has deviated from Independent candidate to Flambeau candidate to Independent candidate to Étwal candidate.

Velon John was very correct in defining politics as “The gateway to the world of hypocrisy, cynicism  and malodorous opportunism.” Thank you, John, for such brilliant observation and definition as is the revelation – in the gobbledygook of an imprudent moke.

In this Saint Lucia democracy, those of us who cherish our liberties must stand firm against this belligerent rhetoric and remain forever vigilant.

Brother George taught me well

“Saint Lucians who are prepared to sell out our heritage for their own monetary gain should have no place in government of the future.” And may I add, should be castigated as preeminent foe of the people’s government.

At an Emancipation celebration event, where artistic creativity and expression were being glorified, our freedom of expression; free speech, was being threatened – such irony!

Stevaco Joseph



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