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Taiwan everyday excellence

By Caribbean News Global fav

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project aims to help award-winning companies break into international markets, as well as promote their brand images after the winners of the Gold, Silver and Excellence Awards have been selected.

Taiwan Excellence believes that the pursuit of innovative products is not for the sake of the product itself, but is firmly rooted in people’s desires for solutions to help live a better life.

Taiwan Excellence believes that innovation makes a difference in everyone’s life. The symbol of Taiwan Excellence was established in 1992 by Taiwan’s ministry of economic affairs to recognize the excellence of Taiwan’s most innovative companies and reputation as a global center of research and development, and innovation.

Taiwan excellence online-shopping

The Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) established the Taiwan Excellence Online Shopping Platform on PChome24h in 2014.

It provides consumers with a convenient place to buy excellent Taiwanese products even abroad (or aboard a ship, in 100 countries worldwide). The Taiwan Excellence Online Shopping Platform has accumulated more than 1,000 award-winning products. It offers consumers fast delivery – if you’re located in Taiwan, delivery is only 24 hours, and if you’re located in Taipei, it is only 6 hours. We look forward to more people getting to know Taiwan’s excellent products, and we welcome more award-winning companies to join us.

Every year, experts gather to award innovative Taiwanese products the Taiwan Excellence award based on research and development, design and Marketing. Taiwan Excellence Award winners range from state-of-the-art gaming laptops to beautiful biodegradable cups to live-saving health management software. Products selected for the award serve as examples of domestic industries and are promoted by the government in the international market.

Last year, 252 businesses received Taiwan Excellence Award deemed the Oscars for Taiwanese industries, the 29th Taiwan Excellence Awards were held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, with minister Wang Mei-Hua awarding the highest honors – the Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards – to 30 businesses.

Director-general, Chiang Wen-Jo, also bestowed commendations on all the winners of the prestigious award along with TAITRA chairman, Huang Chih-Fang, who was in attendance to congratulate the winners.

During his speech, minister Wang stated that the award-winning firms are models for all of Taiwan’s industries as they continue to pursue innovation and technological breakthroughs to not only give momentum to their respective industries, but also to raise the overall competitiveness of the country; small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for a record-breaking high, 60 percent of award winners. This is a great testament to the innovation and research and development capabilities of small and medium-sized Taiwanese enterprises.

TAITRA Chairperson Huang remarked that technological development is like a vaccine against trade wars. With COVID-19 accelerating global digitalization this year, firms need to keep pace with the latest technological advances and make wide use of digital tools to effectively continue their commercial activities and minimize the impact of the pandemic. By carrying out the ministry of economic affairs’ Taiwan Industry Image Enhancement Project, TAITRA uses digital marketing in addition to both virtual and physical exhibitions abroad, as well as offline and online shopping platforms to overcome the difficulties and restrictions caused by the global pandemic, thereby helping firms acquire further international business opportunities.

TAITRA also provides customized digital transition services for the winners, using virtual technologies and digital tools to showcase the huge potential of Taiwanese industries and continue their progression toward global market penetration.

Last year, 433 products from 252 businesses received the Taiwan Excellence Award, with just 3 percent of the products being selected for the Gold and Silver Awards. The winners represent the essence of innovative value in Taiwanese industry, in information, communication, medical devices, smart machines, fitness equipment and transportation.

A few prime examples include Johnson Health Tech, which uses mirror reflections with exclusive motion-detection functions for their smart virtual training courses, so that people can enjoy their workouts at home.

The Digital Eye Anterior Camera from Medimaging Integrated Solution Incorporated incorporates IoT technology to develop light, easy-to-carry ophthalmological diagnosis devices, allowing doctors visiting patients living in remote areas to optimize the efficiency of their visits by reducing the weight of their equipment.

The aero bikes of Merida are equipped with brake plate radiators on both the front and back wheels, which maximizes cooling efficiency. Cyclists can hit their brakes at high speeds without losing control, thereby guaranteeing their safety.

It’s time for a virtual adventure

All the best action gear from Taiwan is now LIVE at Outdoor Retailer Summer 2021. Catch 10 Taiwan Excellence award winners making a splash in the outdoor industry – including 100%植, MiTAC Digital Technology, VAGO, FECA USA, BenQ Materials, Arofly, Kenda Tires USA, KMC Chain USA, 聚陽實業 Makalot and SAEKO – at our online booth!

Taiwan excellence online-shopping



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