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St Lucia suffered no significant infrastructure damage, says senior minister King

      • How will Saint Lucia justify hurricane Beryl contributions?
      • “King is truly; A King in his own world,” says an economist.
      • Is Senior Minister King tangled in his creative adventures?

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Saint Lucia is counting its losses following hurricane Beryl. NEMO is preparing assessment reports, regional and international agencies are assisting Saint Lucia with damage assessments and the way forward on climate mitigation and adaptation. The island is accepting financial aid, technical advice and relief supplies; meantime, Senior Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal, Stephenson King declares:

“ The island suffered no significant infrastructure damage. Much of the response was clearing roads of fallen trees, unblocking culverts, and drains, and dealing with ‘minor incidents’ including clearing waterways,” the report accredited to King’s concerns.

Notable, Senior Minister King’s comments and inexactitudes are reflective of the presidential candidates in the US that shed matters of concern, conscience and the future.

At different stages of life, decisions are made about what to sacrifice in terms of careers, reputations, livelihoods, and politics, yet others remain disposed to more deranged attributes.

On July 2, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre toured the damage in the worst-hit communities by hurricane Beryl. Soufriere is grappling with devastation, loss, and uncertainty, to which Prime Minister Pierre made it a priority to visit and access first-hand, another opportunity to develop the entire Soufriere Waterfront – end – end; including dredging the bay, relocation of the Soufriere cemetery that was flooded, creating a health hazard, most choose to ignore.

The Soufriere Waterfront is a major component of Saint Lucia’s tourism products and services, long neglected on matters of climate adaptation and a sustainable development plan, inclusive of the people of Soufriere.

Hurricane Beryl is a clear demonstration of what cosmetic infrastructure features.

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“The recovery efforts in communities impacted by hurricane Beryl are advancing,” according to government sources, but “Senior Minister King is notably preoccupied with other occupations and mindlessness,” of his creative adventures.

Minister for agriculture, fisheries, food security and rural development says preliminary estimates exceed XCD7M. Agriculture (banana and plantain sectors, fisheries, and livestock) suffered more setbacks to food security.

Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs, Emma Hippolyte

Member of parliament for Soufriere, Emma Hippolyte was at the Soufriere market on Saturday, July 6, engaging farmers and vendors on the impact of hurricane Beryl on their farms, according to the Soufriere Constituency Group Facebook post, with her notebook, writing secrets perhaps!

“This is bad for progress – poor outcomes on what really matters are the major facts to the decisions made.” However, “Let’s not go there,” – “It’s a secret,” to transparency for any actionable interventions and take-home solutions hidden in the “notebook” woefully unhelpful on the way forward, to help us improve our outcomes,” says an observer at the Soufriere market – “A Product of Canada.”

This brings to bear that stark contrast between fossilized dinosaurs, the reality of conscience and the future.

Senior Minister King, by his utterances, has passed his prime of useful virtues, understanding construction, (the process of creating a physical structure) and Infrastructure (the systems that support construction activities) the quality of life of citizens and residents.

Hurricane Beryl has undermined both concepts in terms of the – Soufriere Waterfront – and Soufrierians’ livelihood; “Fishing vessels and casual fishers, the garden of remembrance, the beach park, un-interrupted access to the beach, waterfront and corresponding businesses.”

Global Ports Holdings (GPH) will also get a full understanding of this in applied realism. And in the words of a certain affluent business family. “Protect what is ours.” 

Senior Minister King’s interpretation of infrastructure is not abnormal to the department of infrastructure concerns and undertakings.

“King is truly; A King in his own world,” says an economist. “Infrastructure is facilities and amenities that support the quality of life of citizens and are structured in four pillars (environmental, technical, economic, and social).”

“I think the time for talking is over. The scientific knowledge is clear that we are in a situation where there is a need for climate action,” says Prime Minister Pierre, on the need for developed countries to put money where their mouth is. “When these things happen, there needs to be instant support, both for adaptation and for mitigation. There is a need for it.”

The Soufriere Waterfront can easily cost USD100M in construction and infrastructure re-development. Building modern Seawalls and engineering shore-based structures that protect the coast from erosion. Not cosmetic buildings … and temporary fixes with rock barriers to catch and redirect waves and sea swells, that are at the same level as the road for use as vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Thus; how will Saint Lucia justify hurricane Beryl’s contributions, when Senior Minister King, says: “The island suffered no significant infrastructure damage.”

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Senior Minister King is perhaps generating more economic activity, with construction and infrastructure concerns and dithering, by virtue of Saint Lucia’s roads and government buildings.

Thus, it is material that while Prime Minister Pierre calls for climate action on climate financing and adaptation, and the impulse for cash flow for victims of hurricane Beryl, Senior Minister King does not project the need for action and practical solutions, except that:

“Mother Nature spares us in the months ahead as we continue to endure the hurricane season.” 

This is bonehead!

If so, accepting contributions from foreign agencies, subject to reclassification, is ostensible “stealing and enabling corruption.”

Meanwhile, Saint Lucia Carnival is in bounty, and the forces of nature are all exposed.

“It’s no wonder that senior members of parliament and government ministers are like fossilized dinosaurs, out of touch with occupation health and safety, security threats and unimpressive in many ways,” says a government consultant, and “A Product of Canada.”  

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