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St Lucia parliament, police service, public service in disarray

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – On September 3, 2020, Caribbean News Global (CNG) reported that a sitting of parliament was scheduled for September 15, 2020, pending amendments. This has transpired, in keeping with “ a lack of preparation for relevant documents” and “internal political indifference,” as reported by sources. Meantime, a reschedule of parliament is carded for September 22, amid, the “cabal Cabinet instructed from elsewhere” the Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and the public service are in disarray.

Parliament and the ‘State of Emergency’

Prime minister Allen Chastanet is expected to present a statement to parliament [motion to extend the State of Emergency] if desirable of an extended State of Emergency (SOE) beyond September 30, 2020, and attend to parliament legal procedures.

Minister for tourism, information and broadcasting, culture and creative industries, Dominic Fedee has advised that he does not see the need for an extension of the State of Emergency (SOE): “I think we have the confidence now that we have done well in the management and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic and we are in a more comfortable position to be able to remove the State of Emergency,” said Fedee.

Prime minister Chastanet is on record claiming that the SOE allowed the government to normalised the services of 100 Cuban nurses and doctors assisting in fighting the coronavirus.

“This is further from the truth; however, a misconception in keeping with the normalcy of an administration indifferent with the proper interpretation of the laws of Saint Lucia,” a regional analyst told CNG. More concerning are the many decisions – appropriate and/or unlawful – that have been executed during the SOE and not tabled in parliament. In the absence of such, a new administration will be required to review all decisions made during the SOE, in accordance with the laws of Saint Lucia.”

The Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF)

The retirement on September 8, of acting commissioner Milton Desir has received much advertisement in keeping with the validity of his service and relationship with the United Workers Party (UWP) administration. There are assumptions of a contractual opportunity/advisor on a national level, preferably, to a more regularized option of a security chief, etc., in the private sector.

President of the Police Welfare Association, Travis Chicot said: “As a Welfare Association we wish him well. He has served the majority of his life, serving the people of Saint Lucia and I really believe as a people we need to show more appreciation and gratitude to those who have given their entire life in service as it pertains to ensuring the vulnerable and the disenfranchised are protected.”

Meanwhile, police commissioner Severin Moncherry has returned to his substantive position following vacation since January of this year, albeit public advisement on his model of operation and working relationship with the police service, the public and political directorate.

Commissioner Moncherry is expected to retire on June 9, 2021, unless he takes early retirement in April 2021 has advised that: “The national security minister, Senator Hermangild Francis and I have a very good working relationship and I intend to keep it that way.”

Meanwhile, the rank and file of RSLPF is reportedly at its wits end with the government of Saint Lucia. There is dissent amount the rank and file, placing national security at risk. The limited resource for day to day existence continues to plague the operational efficiency of the service. Political interference is at its worse.

According to prime minister Chastanet: “The truth is what you believe that truth to be”. Therefore, truth-telling and who is really in charge of the RSLPF depends on who you speak with. Offices are in abeyance unclear of the path ahead.

On Wednesday, August 19, a police officer was charged for murder. “Today’s a very sad day for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), we have an officer responding to duty who is now charged for murder,” said former acting commissioner of police, Desir.

Further, the consequence of Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) and the IMPACS investigation is nowhere close to resolution. Working conditions and matters of promotion are seemingly politically driven. Policy direction and/or guidance on the “new police headquarters” is considered – Deja a vu – to influence police officers to support the political directorate ahead of general elections.

At the last general election (2016); ORC and IMPACS investigation were promised to “disappear”. This is further than the truth – “another misconception of inflatable minds” said, a regional analyst.

The question was asked by Allen Chastanet in the 2016 general elections: “Has Kenny Anthony made Saint Lucia safer? He didn’t, but we will. He didn’t, but I will … this is the most important decision to consider in the upcoming campaign.”

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Meanwhile, prime minister Chastanet, “The Great Pretender”, pretending that things are not what they are, and in Saint Lucia today, we have a pretending government and the biggest pretender of them all is the prime minister, [Allen] Chastanet,” opposition leader Philip Pierre, added; “this year, our little island, Saint Lucia recorded seven suicides, the majority being men and sadly the youngest just 24 years old. It is my opinion, that this, seventh tragic deaths, are seven too many.

If ever anyone needed confirmation of the UWP government disarray and maladministration, internalize the following: “Crime is now big business in Saint Lucia, there are persons who are known hitmen in Saint Lucia and these guys will not hesitate, if they get the right amount of money, to put a hit on you,” says national security minister.

Accordingly, the utterances of the national security minister and the prime minister, both are lost on a resolution to Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) IMPACS and matters of national security. All-encompassing, their best brains are void on good governance, evidence by economic, social, happiness and security of the people of Saint Lucia.

Reportedly, from sources, “The government of Saint Lucia is deficient of will-power and capability to act on the diplomatic front with the US Congress on the Leahy Law. The enforcement of the island laws is suggestively indifference at best. And on the political front – it is suicidal to counter the rank and file of the police force and the public service at any time, significantly, months before general elections.

Saint Lucia Civil Service Association

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) continues to speak out against continued political interference in the public service, said in a press release:

“The (CSA) has been made aware of another round of transfers/promotions at the senior levels of the public service, which appears to be a continuation of the recent disturbing trend of interference by the political directorate in the operations of the Service. The CSA has observed that the government continues to play around with the public service, as if engaged in a game of musical chairs.

“Government as an employer must be held to a higher standard and should never manipulate the system in a manner that causes its employees to be treated unfairly and unjustly. The CSA will continue to speak out against this disturbing trend, which if not curtailed, will only serve to further undermine the impartiality, neutrality and professional integrity of the public service,” the CSA general secretary said.

Coincidental? “This is admittedly a dramatic escalation and perchance, as in past episodes, there is seemingly a systematic cleansing, one from another […]. The reality is undeniable, a failure of epic proportions that is becoming ungovernable. After all, a serious clinical treatment in many ways is most desirable.”




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