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St Lucia government entertaining leeches and parasites

Dear Sir

At a sitting of parliament, June 2, 2020, the member from Laborie, Alva Baptiste, referred to so-called investors attracted to Saint Lucia by the Allen Chastanet-led administration as “leeches”. This prompted the immediate defensive reaction by the member for Micoud South, prime minister Chastanet … [15:31 – 16:36]

 Mr Speaker on a point of order “ … I would like him to cease and decease from making those statements. He may not appreciate the investment that is being made but to use derogatory language to describe persons who have come to this country invested their money, created jobs in this country are helping to promote this country every day… Mr Speaker, I have a strong objection with him doing that.” ~ Allen Chastanet.

Oh Really? Then, this is probably the most fragile ego I have encountered.

A leaching person is described as “a person who clings on to another for personal gain without giving anything in return. A parasite.”

“Leeches are segmented parasitic or predatory worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. They are closely related to the oligochaetes, which include the earthworm, and like them have soft, muscular, segmented bodies that can lengthen and contract.”

And what about so-called investors? It is beyond reasonable explanation how a so-called Canadian billionaire investor’s can access the National Insurance Corporation (NIC) for a loan of $30 million to build a golf course, when locals cannot get $500 in the time of COVID-19 for social support-much less $1,000 in micro-financing.

There is also the so-called investor of horses in Vieux Fort – the ‘Sport of Kings’, yet depend on the sale of Saint Lucian passports and taxpayers money to “finance operations, facilitated by a comprising government”.

Nonetheless, there is a bigger question: Is there a nexus between local mulatto aristocrats tied to the coat-tail of the prime minister on the front and back-end of questionable economic developments in Saint Lucia?

In recent times the prime minister said “… economics has no conscience …  colonialism had a conscience…”  — The message is clear.

Is this the same prime minister who referenced opposition parliamentarians as “barking dogs” and Saint Lucians as “mendicants” — however, jumps to the defence of “leeches and so-called investors”?


Arianna Phillips



  1. Good day to all.

    I have a suggestion this morning that if the people of St. Lucia want me to go up to represent them, though, it was never my intention to enter politricks, I am willing to throw my hat in to help the hurting people.

    All we need is a few good men. I already identified a few, but we need a few more. This is only to show the power of my Father in Heaven and what he can do with a nobody and make him into somebody.

    So let me know if we can tidy-up this mess which has been done to fair Helen. Please indicate by your responses whether you are in favor or not? God bless all.

    The team I put together are:
    Dr. James Flecture
    Dr. King
    Dr. Amanda King
    Richard Frederick
    Calixe George Jr.

    But we need a few more good men,
    Daniel Lionel


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