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St Lucia cannot afford another five years of UWP

Dear Sir

Unlike many so-called professionals in Saint Lucia, I do not pretend to above party politics. There is no shame in my game. I am a proud supporter of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP). While the SLP is not perfect, I firmly believe in its ideals of Bread, Freedom and Justice.

As we approach the fifth anniversary (June 6) of the present United Workers Party (UWP) administration – I must shout that I told you so. From very early on I said that the new driver could not drive. From the ill-advised VAT reduction, which I predicted would provide little benefit to the economy, to the Desert Star Holdings (DSH) deal -I knew that we were in store for a whole load of trouble. I knew that the new driver was driving on the wrong side of the road.

In the prime minister, I saw someone who didn’t have his priorities in order. Someone who thought that horses, 23 islands and his frequent flyer miles were more important than healthcare. I saw someone who didn’t have a grasp of basic issues. I saw someone who was leading the country down a precipice. The signs were there for all to see. Many ignored the warning signs such as the ballooning debt and anaemic economic growth.

Despite having borrowed over $1 billion over the last five years, Saint Lucia appears to have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. The prime ministers’ leadership has been found wanting. His ineptitude has been exposed. His handling of the crisis has shown us that he is not up to the task. He has not provided a plan that will lead us back to a state of normalcy.

Saint Lucia, we cannot afford another five years of this administration. We need someone who is gifted with intelligence and ability. We need someone who is surrounded by a strong team. We need someone who will make the welfare of the people of Saint Lucia a priority. We need someone who can lead us to calm waters.

It is without hesitation that I am endorsing Philip J Pierre to be the next prime minister of Saint Lucia. It is without any hesitation I am endorsing Team SLP.

I am voting Labour for our economic country’s sake. I am urging you to do the same. Long live Philip J Pierre. Long live the SLP.

Carlton Augustine



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