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Shortage of banana boxes in St Lucia

Dear Sir,

The shortage of banana boxes, and its dire consequences for Saint Lucian farmers, are inexplicable, inexcusable and indefensible and highlights poor planning and lack of accountability and oversight at the administrative level of government in certain ministries.

Many negative things that are happening in our beautiful country vividly reminds me of “Murphy’s Law”. At this time in our development, any and everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and it’s happening every day by persons in our country who contravene every law, regulations and civil code of conduct (seemingly with impunity) in the Saint Lucian society.

It may well become necessary for our government ministers to begin to take a closer look at the administrative element of their ministries and get more involved in some of the daily operations even to the point of beginning to micro-manage the performance of the senior administrative personnel.

Some of the things that are happening in Saint Lucia today, if left unchecked, could well undermine the work of our progressive government and dilute the beneficial effects of our prime minister’s “people first and foremost” policies.

Winall Joshhua




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