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Netherlands to strengthen collaboration in natural resources

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – Minister of transport, nature, integrity and elderly affairs signed a MOU with the minister of nature and nitrogen of the Netherlands, Christianne van der Wal, to strengthen the collaboration between the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the area of natural resources.

This MOU establishes mutual assistance, collaboration, and consultation in the Kingdom and this way promotes knowledge sharing, contact network, and expertise on:

  • Protection, management, and utilization of natural resources;
  • strengthening of food security through sustainable development of agriculture and fishery;
  • participation in and effective implementation of relevant international treaties.

It is foreseen that the new strengthening of the collaboration between the countries within the Kingdom will positively impact our primary sector and the well-being of our natural resources.

The MOU will be presented at the Convention of Cartagena conferences held in Aruba.

The Cartagena Convention is an international treaty that aims to protect and preserve the marine environment and coasts of the Caribbean region.



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