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MasVida Health Combines Three Companies to Improve the Care Experience at a Lower Cost

Focusing on the strength of the MasVida Health brand, JMeds, EMist, and Teleos Marketing have joined together to enrich lives and empower excellence.

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three healthcare-focused companies, JMeds, EMist, and Teleos Marketing, have joined together under the flagship company MasVida Health. This partnership and rebranding strategy will enhance operational efficiency and reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future of healthcare. Along with this change, a new company logo and a website have been launched which prominently feature the company’s laser-focus on providing innovative solutions.

Gary Blake, CEO Creative Solutions in Healthcare, uses all three companies and reports, “MasVida Health is uncomplicated, responsive, and efficient – they listen and understand the industry, pricing, and terms. They have an unparalleled zeal for customer service. They’re always looking for ways to expand our products and services. Our partnership with MasVida has saved us money and helps us deliver great care and customer service.”

“Continuity of care has always been at the heart of everything we do. MasVida means ‘more life’ and that’s our culture. We believe real solutions that make real differences are born in partnership with our customers. By combining our three companies, we now provide solutions across the health continuum – from helping healthcare professionals create, communicate, and provide value to their target markets and HQAA certified DME to innovative infection prevention solutions and advanced electrostatic sprayer technology. We enrich lives and empower excellence enabling better care at a lower cost,” said MasVida Health CEO Joshua Robertson.

MasVida Health Care Solutions

HQAA certified, MasVida Health Care Solutions (formerly known as JMeds) has served post-acute facilities in Texas for nearly 25 years. The company provides Durable Medical Equipment including their DME Pro+ and DME Platinum programs with same-day guaranteed delivery in Texas. Customers receive access to a proprietary cloud-based portal called MV Portal and know where every piece of equipment is, who it’s assigned to, and what it costs every day.

The company is also the first and only provider of an industry-approved infection prevention suite called MViP (MasVida Infection Prevention) including MViP Train, MViP Bronze, MViP Silver, and MViP Gold. These programs serve to educate, empower, and differentiate a post-acute facility’s cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention processes.

Jenny Swain, EVP Sales and Clinical Initiatives, said, “MasVida Health Care Solutions delivers same-day DME. Guaranteed. And we provide the first and only end-to-end IPC program that can uniquely position a facility beyond their competition.”

Learn more about MasVida Health Care Solutions by visiting:

EMist Electrostatic Sprayers

As a MasVida Company, EMist manufactures the world’s smartest electrostatic sprayers. These patented sprayers are the industry’s only intelligent disinfecting sprayers designed for healthcare and Jan/San.

Kirk Joseph, EVP of Business Development, said, “Unlike so many in the industry today, we were here before COVID and helped mitigate the 2014 Dallas Ebola breakout. We’re committed to stopping the unnecessary spread of sickness and infection in every community. Our electrostatic technology delivers better results more consistently and more safely than all current electrostatic disinfecting methods.”

EMist was founded on a legacy of technology and industrial design by founder and inventor Mike Sides. With more than 30 years in the industry, he has provided electrostatic consultation to the Department of Defense, Naval Entomology Center of Excellence, the United States Department of Agriculture, World Health Organization, and International Pest Application Research Center.

EMist electrostatic sprayers are used by companies large and small around the world. The sprayers are unique in that disinfectant is first atomized, passes through an electrostatic induction nozzle, charged using a bipolar power supply, and then discharged toward the target area. The bipolar supply causes the electrical charges to be alternatively redistributed, resulting in droplets having an excess of either positive or negative charges. These charged droplets are so attracted to the targeted area that they coat the sides, edges, and backside of surfaces.

To learn more about EMist, please visit:

Teleos Marketing

From medical devices to pharma, post-acute to cloud-based ERP, Teleos Marketing develops campaigns with measurable outcomes.

Teleos Marketing President Doug Morrell said, “With more than 120 years of collective industry experience, we help healthcare organizations move toward a specific, definitive outcome. Using our unique T5 Marketing Analysis, we guide healthcare businesses in increasing Average Daily Census (ADC), patient volume, and sales. We craft end-to-end marketing solutions that define the brand, resonate with audiences, and create marketplace momentum. By aligning ourselves with MasVida Health, we now focus exclusively on healthcare offering full-service marketing including strategy, lead generation, digital advertising, website design, branding, graphic design, content creation, and video services.”

To learn more about Teleos Marketing, please visit:

About MasVida Health

MasVida Health, LLC offers healthcare solutions across the health continuum – from infection prevention for healthcare and Jan/San to same-day post-acute DME delivery and full-service healthcare focused marketing. MasVida Health provides innovative solutions to consumers, patients, providers, and caregivers. Made up of three companies specializing in healthcare – MasVida Health Care Solutions, EMist, and Teleos Marketing – this unique three-strand approach provides better care at lower costs.

For more information about MasVida Health, please visit:


MasVida Health

Doug Morrell, CMO


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