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GEHA Unveils 2023 Medical and Dental Plan Options for Current and Retired Federal Employees, Retired Military and Their Dependents

GEHA’s offerings for 2023 include the most popular HDHP among federal employees, one of the lowest national premiums and unparalleled rewards for wellness.

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GEHA (Government Employees Health Association, Inc., pronounced G.E.H.A.) today unveiled the medical and dental plans it will offer to eligible federal employees and retirees, military retirees and their families for the 2023 calendar year. GEHA’s plans are designed to address the unique needs of public servants and their dependents, offering one of the largest medical provider networks available to federal employees and one of the largest dental provider networks with more than 400,000 dental provider locations nationally.

“The more than 2 million members who rely on the benefits offered by GEHA share a connection and devotion to the federal agencies that play a crucial role in Americans’ daily lives,” said GEHA President & CEO Arthur A. Nizza, DSW. “As a nonprofit association, our singular mission is to focus on the needs of our members. This year, we are proud to offer plans that reflect our long-standing commitment to keep our members healthy, to lower administrative costs and to provide even greater value.”

Eligible individuals can enroll in GEHA’s plans and select their benefits when Open Season for federal employees and retirees begins on Nov. 14, 2022. Open Season for the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) and Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) will end at midnight EST on Dec. 12, 2022.

“No other benefits partner cares more than GEHA about serving those who serve us all,” added Nizza. “With a wide selection of plans, every federal employee, military retiree and their dependents can find a medical or dental plan from GEHA that addresses their unique needs, all at a fair price.”

For 2023, GEHA offers five health plans and two dental plans, including the most popular high deductible health plan (HDHP), and GEHA continues to be a dental benefits provider of choice among federal employees. Members, and prospective members who want to maximize the impact of their health and dental care dollars, are encouraged to visit, where they can find more information, use interactive chat or schedule a one-on-one session with a knowledgeable adviser. Advisers can also be reached at 800.262.4342 (for information on medical plans) and at 877.590.4342 (for information on dental plans) Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST.


GEHA is a nonprofit association that is focused on our members and not shareholder profits. We offer low premium plan options that include services such as telehealth and mental health counseling that are crucial for effective preventive care. GEHA’s network offers access to millions of providers throughout the United States, including pediatricians, family physicians and specialists in virtually every field – allowing members to select providers offering the best in diagnostic and clinical care.

High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

The plan that helps pay for itself, GEHA’s high deductible health plan is the most popular HDHP among federal employees and is designed for those who want their money to work harder with GEHA’s generous HSA contribution of up to $1,800. GEHA’s HDHP members own their tax-free savings and investment accounts – money they can use for health care costs now or additional tax-free retirement savings after they turn 65.

Another feature that sets GEHA’s HDHP apart is one of the lowest medical cost shares available. Members pay only 5% for in-network medical care and have no out-of-pocket costs for preventive care and preventive dental. GEHA’s HDHP even includes vision coverage with no deductible.

Bi-weekly premiums for the HDHP are:

  • HDHP Self – $69.37
  • HDHP Self Plus One – $149.15
  • HDHP Self & Family – $183.28


GEHA’s Standard plan is designed to deliver comprehensive coverage for all stages of life and offers affordable premiums and low copays along with 100% maternity coverage.

The Standard plan features one of the largest provider networks, unlimited $0 cost telehealth visits, and low copays for urgent care facility visits, all with flexible in-network and out-of-network coverage. Retirees with Medicare Parts A and B have $0 medical costs when seeing providers who accept Medicare, making the Standard plan a great value for retirees as well.

Members also earn up to $500/household or $250/self for the policyholder and one additional dependent over 18 years of age through the GEHA Health Rewards program. Funds can be used for qualified medical expenses, such as orthodontics and dental expenses.

Bi-weekly premiums for the Standard plan are:

  • Standard Self – $68.77
  • Standard Self Plus One – $147.87
  • Standard Self & Family – $180.92


GEHA’s High plan provides high value for those seeking lower out-of-pocket costs at a lower premium than other plans in its class. High plan members enjoy low copays for common services along with just a 10% coinsurance for other medical services and GEHA’s most comprehensive coverage for brand and specialty medications.

Retirees with Medicare Parts A and B receive the benefit of waived coinsurance and copays for medical care in-network or out-of-network along with a $1,000 Medicare Part B premium reimbursement and even lower brand name medication costs than non-Medicare High plan members receive.

Bi-weekly premiums for the High plan are:

  • High Self – $105.74
  • High Self Plus One – $243.49
  • High Self & Family – $304.39

Generous Wellness Rewards for Elevate and Elevate Plus Members

For the third consecutive year, Elevate and Elevate Plus plans offer easy ways to earn generous rewards of up to $1,000/household or $500/self through the Wellness Pays program. In 2021, more than 63% of plan members participated and earned an average of $221 in rewards per participating member. Wellness Pays rewards are another way members can get back some of their out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses like copays and other eligible medical, dental and vision expenses.


Elevate is the FEHB default plan and GEHA’s lowest premium medical plan. With one of the lowest national premiums available to federal employees, Elevate continues to be a great value for those seeking easy access to referral-free care with some of the lowest doctor visit copays for a nationwide plan, including nontraditional care such as chiropractic and acupuncture.

In addition to unlimited $0 cost telehealth and mental health visits, Elevate members can earn generous Wellness Pays rewards to help pay for out-of-pocket costs like copays or dental expenses. Elevate policyholders even enjoy an annual complimentary plan perk with a choice of a Fitbit device, a full-year Daily Burn virtual fitness subscription or a $125 gift card redeemable at DICK’s Sporting Goods or REI.

Bi-weekly premiums for the Elevate plan are:

  • Elevate Self – $50.69
  • Elevate Self Plus One – $118.83
  • Elevate Self & Family – $144.67

Elevate Plus

Elevate Plus is an in-network only plan that offers GEHA’s lowest deductible and predictable costs for preferred brand name medications and nontraditional care such as chiropractic and acupuncture. Like the Elevate plan, it includes Wellness Pays rewards where members can earn up to $1,000/household or $500/self.

Bi-weekly premiums for the Elevate Plus plan are:

  • Elevate Plus Self – $85.77
  • Elevate Plus Self Plus One – $187.64
  • Elevate Plus Self & Family – $209.83


GEHA continues to be a dental benefits provider of choice for federal employees and offers two plans that provide comprehensive dental coverage, from no-cost in-network preventive care to orthodontics, crowns, bridges, and dentures. Members have access to one of the largest dental networks available to federal employees with more than 400,000 in-network dental provider locations in the United States along with worldwide dental coverage. New for 2023, the Standard dental plan will no longer have a waiting period for orthodontic services and the High plan will offer up to three cleanings per calendar year.

GEHA dental members will be pleased to learn that their GEHA dental plan includes a vision benefit with no additional premium. Dental plan members pay only $5 for an in-network annual eye exam and receive discounts on eyewear.


The High plan is for those who value oral health, want to plan for future procedures and value the freedom to go to any provider nationwide. With no deductibles ever, the High plan includes a wide range of dental services – covering 80% of costs for fillings; 70% of allowable orthodontic services; 50% for root canals, bridges and dentures; $2,500 of implants annually; and 100% of preventive care services – as well as other dental services and procedures. There is no limit on annual maximums.


Standard dental offers peace of mind for those who want to maintain their overall dental health with no cost for in-network preventive care. For in-network care, Standard plan covers 55% of the cost for things like fillings and extractions; 35% for root canals and crowns and 50% for adult and child orthodontic services up to $2,500 in-network. There are no waiting periods for any services and the annual in-network maximum is $2,500 for most services.

Premiums for GEHA dental plans can be found by ZIP Code at

To learn about the plans offered, visit or call 800.262.4342. These rates do not apply to all enrollees. If a member is in a special enrollment category, please refer to the FEHB Program website or contact the agency or Tribal Employer, which maintains their health benefits enrollment. This is a brief, incomplete description of GEHA’s FEHB and FEDVIP plan features. Please read GEHA’s Federal brochures, which are available at All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Federal brochures. The plan perk benefits are neither offered nor guaranteed under contract with the FEHB Program and are being made available by GEHA.


GEHA (Government Employees Health Association, Inc., pronounced G.E.H.A.) is a nonprofit member association that provides medical and dental benefits to more than 2 million federal employees and retirees, military retirees and their families. Offering one of the largest medical and dental benefit provider networks available to federal employees in the United States, GEHA empowers health and wellness by meeting its members where they are, when they need care.

Headquartered in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, with approximately 1,600 employees, GEHA is committed to its members and their communities. GEHA has gained distinctive civic recognition by being named the 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year for the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce, the 2022 Nonprofit Champion of Diversity for the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the 2022 Truly the Best Business of the Year for Lee’s Summit (Missouri) Chamber of Commerce. In 2022, GEHA signed the CEO Action Pledge, furthering its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Since 2021, GEHA has held exclusive naming rights to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, home to the Kansas City Chiefs.

To learn more, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and visit


Cristi Allen (GEHA) / 816-679-4387

Lisa Ketteler (GEHA) / 816-305-5822


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