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BioKansas Announces Strategic Plan with Five Transformative Goals

BioKansas announces their new strategic plan for 2021-2025 that focuses on five transformative goals. The new strategic plan aims to have substantial impacts on the bioscience industry and broader economy in Kansas through building a sustainable nationally competitive bioscience enterprise with a strong diverse workforce.

SHAWNEE, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioKansas, a life science nonprofit committed to promoting the bioscience industry in Kansas, has announced their new strategic plan that will guide their efforts as they accomplish five goals that will have substantial impacts for the bioscience industry and broader economy in Kansas.

The exciting outcome of the extensive strategic planning process involving members, regional stakeholders, state leadership, and beyond was shared with the BioKansas membership in late November. In this communication, President & CEO, Dr. Sonia M. Hall stated that accomplishing the ambitious goals would “alter the trajectory of our organization and the state for years to come.”

BioKansas’ transformative strategic plan will focus on five goals:

  1. Develop a roadmap and vision for building out key infrastructure to build a sustainable bioscience enterprise.
  2. Improve the perception and visibility of Kansas as a competitive bioscience ecosystem within and beyond the state to better position Kansas as a competitive and well-equipped state for bioscience investments, businesses, and careers.
  3. Support an ecosystem for the growth and sustainability of companies and new technology emergence.
  4. Increase access to and retention of diverse scientific talent assets.
  5. Continue modernizing BioKansas’ operations.

“Through organizational and collaborative efforts, BioKansas will grow Kansas into a thriving bioscience hub that fosters an inclusive culture that embraces bold creativity, continuous improvement, and discovery,” said Dr. Sonia Hall, President & CEO of BioKansas.

The new strategic plan goals will be achieved through a series of highly integrated strategic efforts that has not been seen before in Kansas. A few of the new strategic efforts included are:

  • Publication of an annual bioscience investor prospectus that will feature companies looking for funding and investment, historical data of interest to investors, and technologies available for sale or licensing.
  • Hosting an Innovation Festival that brings together both the science and non-science community to enjoy music, art, and more – all while showcasing innovations from the state’s bioscience community.
  • Multiple workforce development efforts designed to retain and attract talent to the region, including hosting an annual research and recruitment conference.

These engagements will be pivotal for successfully advancing Kansas’ bioscience ecosystem as BioKansas drives and sustains innovation, inspiration, and collaboration. To learn more or to partner with BioKansas, visit their website.

About BioKansas: BioKansas is a non-profit life science organization and voice of the bioscience community in Kansas and the surrounding region. BioKansas’ members span the private, academic, government, and non-profit sectors. BioKansas’ organizational and collaborative efforts are designed to lead the effort of supporting and growing Kansas’ bioscience ecosystem including bioscience research, commercialization, training, and business development through meaningful content, connections, and advocacy. Learn more at


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