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BAPCo® Simplifies Cross-Architecture Benchmarking With CrossMark

New industry standard benchmark helps users quickly gauge system performance and responsiveness using native applications

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CrossMark–BAPCo®, a non-profit consortium of leading PC hardware manufacturers, today unveiled CrossMark, a new cross-architecture performance benchmark that simplifies system performance and responsiveness measurement using common and relevant workloads. Supporting functionality for the most popular operating systems – including Windows, iOS and macOS – CrossMark is based on widely used open source applications to assess system performance scores in the areas of Productivity, Creativity and Responsiveness.

Accurately and objectively measuring system performance and responsiveness has traditionally been a time-consuming, difficult process. Compounding the issue, alternative methods to measure performance often produce scores uninformative of system performance in common, day-to-day user tasks. Whereas alternative benchmarking tools could involve a lengthy and complicated setup process, CrossMark users can quickly install the software natively on the system and be up and running in a matter of minutes – with measurement runs as quick as 5 minutes to complete. At its conclusion, CrossMark reports an overall system performance and responsiveness score, as well as several key sub-scores indicative of typical day-to-day system performance.

“It’s critical for us to provide our partners – and the industry at large – an easy to use benchmarking tool with touch support for capable systems to reliably measure common system performance,” said Eric Jenkins, President of BAPCo. “With CrossMark, users can take the deep and rich information to assess their systems – and ultimately optimize their customary workflow.”

Additional features and highlights of CrossMark include:

  • Cross-Architecture System Benchmarking – Functions on Windows, iOS and macOS at launch to assess most modern systems, regardless of operating system type.
  • System Benchmark Modeled on Real Applications – Leverages workloads modeled on real applications using open sources libraries (i.e. OpenCV, openSSL, Zstandard, etc.) to accurately gauge common user performance.
  • Realistic Performance Scaling – Scales similar to real-world applications across processor frequency and cores and threads, in addition to system memory, storage and GPU capabilities.
  • Lightweight Install with Intuitive Interface Supporting Touch Screens – Streamlined user experience beginning with a quick installation process of less than a minute, necessitating less than 1GB of storage – users can begin benchmarking with a single click, or tap of their screen.
  • Automated Run Time Support – Provides the option to automate benchmarking tests to simplify and streamline system measurement.
  • Curated Online System Performance Database – Supports online results submission to enable real-time device comparison and evaluation.

Customer Quotes

  • “BAPCo’s latest benchmark ‘Crossmark’ is a brand new product designed to fill a much needed void in the industry for comparing the performance of devices across a wide variety of platforms using the standards, tools and practices that BAPCo is known for. Lenovo intends to leverage this new benchmark to communicate cross platform performance of our products and portfolio to our customers.”

    – Lenovo Group.
  • “CrossMark is easy to install, easy to use, and best yet, it provides the industry a much needed tool for evaluating system performance on a variety of platforms and architectures.”

    – Patrick Chang, Sr. Principle Performance Engineer, Dell Performance Lab.
  • “HP Inc. is committed to giving its customers the best computer performance possible. HP Inc. participates in the development of the SYSMark, MobileMark, and the CrossMark families of benchmarks from BAPCo to allow us to test computers with real-world software applications and scenarios, producing results that are meaningful to our customers.”

    – HP Inc.

Availability and Price

Users can download a basic version of CrossMark free of charge now on the iTunes & Windows Store. A professional version is available for $29.99 and enables additional application features like saving run time results locally. For commercial, press & government usage, an Enterprise edition will be shortly available at

For more information, please visit

About BAPCo®

The Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo) is a non-profit consortium of leading independent testing labs, PC hardware manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and software publishers.

Current BAPCo members include: Acer, ARCintuition, ASUS, Compal, Dell, Dynabook, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, Intel, Inventec, LC Future Center, Lenovo, Pegatron, Quanta Computer, Samsung, Western Digital, Wistron, and others. Any organization interested in contributing to the consortium’s goals and purposes are welcome to join BAPCo.

For more information, visit and

BAPCo, SYSmark, and MobileMark are registered trademarks of the Business Applications Performance Corporation. CrossMark is a trademark of the Business Applications Performance Corporation. All other names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.



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