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World’s first In Vivo fertilized Baby with shared motherhood

LAUSANNE, Switzerland –  Anecova is proud to announce that the world’s first baby has been born after treatment at London Women’s Clinic’s with their shared motherhood program using our In Vivo Natural fertilization technology – AneVivo.

Last month at London Women’s Clinic under the care of consultant Gynecologist and IVF Specialist, Dr Giuseppina Lamanna, Donna and Jasmine Francis-Smith gave birth to baby Otis through shared motherhood with the help of AneVivo.

“We are very happy with the announcement from London Women’s Clinic about the world’s first baby with shared motherhood conceived In Vivo. Anecova’s Natural fertilization technology AneVivo is unique in the world and we believe it has the potential to bring significant value to LWC’s already well-established shared motherhood program, particularly since it enhances the emotional value for the couple and possibly also the biological value for the baby.

Otis and his parents

“The Anecova procedure has really made me and Donna feel equal in the whole process and has emotionally brought us closer together, we are a true family. If we had to go through the process again there is nothing we would change.” To other couples visiting the London Women’s Clinic, Jasmine says: “We highly recommend the Anecova procedure to other families wanting children as the whole process was an amazing experience and we got everything we wanted from it and so much more, and we think Anecova can help many more families in the future.”

Anecova’s mission is to bring back embryos to their natural environment in the womb from the artificial environment in the IVF laboratory. AneVivo offers a truly new approach to IVF that could potentially transform the way IVF is going to be performed in the future” says Martin Velasco, Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Anecova.

Anecova has developed a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology called AneVivo which is an intra-uterine device allowing bi-directional passage of fluids, nutrients, and other non-cellular components during fertilization and early embryo development. Placing the eggs inside the miniature capsule and inserting it into the womb allows interaction between the embryo and the maternal environment. A major benefit is that fertilization will take place in the maternal environment In Vivo rather than in the artificial environment of the IVF laboratory with its associated risks.

London Women’s Clinic treatment procedure called shared motherhood, allows one partner to provide the eggs, the biological mother, and the other one to carry the embryo to term, the gestational mother. In this context, AneVivo brings a very special added value allowing both partners to be involved in the nourishing and developing of the embryo during its very early stages of development.

“London Women’s Clinic has been in the forefront of fertility treatment since 1985 and it’s our great pleasure to report the first birth in the world with shared motherhood using Anecova’s groundbreaking technology for In Vivo Natural fertilization,” says Dr Kamal Ahuja, managing and scientific director of London Women’s Clinic.

The AneVivo procedure is offered to heterosexual couples, same sex couples and single women at London Women’s Clinic.



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