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World’s first animated 3D Cannabis character introduced

WOODLAND PARK, Colorado – My Nutra has recently launched its first animation, Happy Hemp Paste, a 3D-animated character that is educating consumers about the CBD oil extraction process. In this video “Happy” explains that CBD oil will be phased out due to recent studies that show that the medicinal properties of the plant are damaged from chemical extraction.

Happy talks about how the whole plant is more natural than just the oil because when you extract using chemicals many of the healing properties are destroyed. He points out that all the machines and chemicals are unnecessary and how they leave an environmental footprint, whereas Hemp paste uses no chemicals or machines and leaves no environmental footprint.

Not only does this new method cost less, nothing is thrown in the trash can. “We believe that science shows that extracting the oil from the cannabis plant is a billion-dollar mistake,” said Brad Morehouse, Founder of My Nutra. “This finding isn’t to say that CBD oil hasn’t helped many people, because it has. We just believe that the process to make CBD oil products will be phased out for a healthier alternative that we already have available in the marketplace today.”

Because My Nutra’s Hemp Paste “is the whole hemp plant,” it contains all of the original cannabinoids and terpenes which are normally destroyed through chemical extraction. The paste contains all 480 compounds from the plant, whereas CBD oil extraction removes many of these healing compounds.

Hemp Paste has already received some great reviews from consumers and industry experts are now starting to question why we even extract the oil in the first place.



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