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Who is the real ‘traitor’ in Trinidad and Tobago?

Dear Sir

As deputy political leader of the United National Congress (UNC) not only would I like to renounce the baseless actions of the prime minister to call the leader of the opposition a ‘traitor’ but remind the prime minister that the real violation of patriotism are the underhanded actions of allowing entry while our borders were closed and engaging with individuals of the Venezuelan government who have been sanctioned by the United States, the European Union as well as many other global powers thereby jeopardizing our citizens.

The prime minister’s attempt to demonize the leader of the opposition are pure acts of desperation of a person who has been caught off guard with no transparent, plausible answer for the damning allegations which have been raised against his government.

The prime minister is fully aware that the opposition leader has never requested, alluded to, and / or even called for sanctions to be issued by the US government. What she has done in keeping with her constitutional duty is to ask the prime minister to account for the possible reckless actions of his administration, actions which without the prompting of any local entity can indeed breach agreements with our US ally.

What we have seen from the government is a pure attempt to change the moral code of our country to one where individuals who commit wrongful acts are not held accountable but those who call out allegations of misconduct are demonized even if their actions are provided for within the constitution.

These are actions synonymous in tyrannies where democracy has failed. However, we must remember, this is an administration that sought to peddle fake emails within the sacred chambers of our parliament, so these atrocious attempts to slander others for political gain are not new.

It is a total betrayal to the people of this nation that the prime minister lacked the ability to coherently provide transparent logical answers to these allegations but reverted to the poor excuses of “we didn’t know” and “we now discovered”.

The prime minister’s responses are cause for great concern and disappointment within our population as they demonstrate that we have an administration that is either extremely incompetent or one that is disingenuous, both of which risk the well-being of our citizens.

The opposition leader’s role in this entire shameful debacle of the Dr Keith Rowley regime was never to request sanctions but rather show that yet again his regime has acted against the interest and well-being of our citizens conveying embarrassment on the global stage.

As a country, we should be grateful to the leader of the opposition has once again, as she did with the’ fake oil allegations’ brought massive misconduct by this government which threatens the very core of our economic framework to the public’s attention.

David Lee 

Member of Parliament, Point-a-Pierre



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