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Where are the Ukraine war protesters

Dear Sir

The Ukraine War is in its third year and Russia continues its attacks. Hopefully, the aid from the US and European countries will help Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion and prevent Russia from overrunning Europe. The US finally allowed Ukraine to hit targets on Russian territory utilizing US arms.

Russia has unleashed devastating attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, including power plants, water distribution systems, warehouses, businesses and housing. Approximately, 12,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and over 20,000 injured. Thousands of Ukrainian children have been kidnapped and sent to Russia.

Why aren’t people protesting against the killing and wounding of Ukrainian civilians? Aren’t the Christians of Ukraine just as important as the Muslims of Gaza? Or is there a bias involved?

Isn’t it important for the US to support Ukraine and prevent a much wider war in Europe? Do the protesters care about the US, or do the protesters just want to create chaos and promote anarchy? Are they an anti-democracy Fifth Column?

Maybe protesters should go to the Ukraine and Gaza war zones to make a meaningful impact. We must continue to support Ukraine with military aid and donations by citizens.

Note: I have contributed to a number of Ukrainian relief organizations.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH    



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