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What Homeland Security is saying to America’s law enforcement heroes?

WASHINGTON, USA – On Friday, acting Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf addressed the Fraternal Order of Police Board of Trustees Fall Meeting and reiterated the Trump administration’s commitment to the men and women of law enforcement.

Here are a few excerpts from his remarks:

  • “You will find no bigger supporter, no bigger champion, of the men and women of law enforcement than our Commander-in-Chief. President Trump and this Administration has your back, 110 percent.”
  • “Each person here today has spent their entire career ensuring law and order is maintained for the good of country and the preservation of liberty. Our police, sheriffs, federal agents, and other law enforcement officers hold the thin blue line protecting our freedoms from chaos and anarchy.”
  • “While rioters are trying to destroy federal property and cities across America, there are radicals calling to “Defund the Police.” As some of the nation’s
  • Top law enforcement leaders, you all know that these calls are beyond irresponsible, beyond reckless even. Calls to abandon our police only endanger lives.”
  • “Our Constitution protects the natural right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. The Department supports the exercise of everyone’s First Amendment rights. There is, however, no Constitutional right to loot, to burn, or to assault law enforcement officers or fellow citizens.”
  • “We cannot fall victim to the delusion of a small minority that Americans are opposed to the honorable men and women who wear the badge and swear to protect our communities.”
  • “Together, with your help, we are restoring order to our cherished cities and neighborhoods.”
  • “You are the thin blue line, standing together, holding fast against the chaos and destruction threatening the ordered liberty that we hold dear.”
  • “Together, we will ensure the American people are secure. Together, we will push toward a safer nation. Together, we will feel safe to enjoy the freedoms of being an American.”

Video of the remarks is can be found here. Acting Secretary Wolf’s full remarks as prepared are available here.



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