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Venezuela rejects EU request to delay elections, says social inclusion stronger

CARACAS, Venezuela, (teleSUR) — Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro Friday highlighted before the United Nations (UN) the social achievements that his country has reached despite the US increasing hostilities.

“Our people resist the aggressions of the empire to defend our sovereignty, our natural resources, and our right to development,” Maduro said.

The Bolivarian model of social inclusion and justice has grown stronger. Over 6 million families are guaranteed permanent food protection as over 3 million decent and comfortable homes have been built.

Despite the US economic blockade and the crisis generated by the pandemic, the Maduro administration has also guaranteed schooling for 6 million children.

Venezuela’s public health system has assured free medical care to the people. Ninety-nine percent of the population infected with COVID-19 has received free health care treatment.

This was possible thanks to the investments made in this sector in the last 20 years, according to the Bolivarian leader.

“There will be no imperial aggression, blockade, or sanctions, that will stop Venezuela’s path towards social justice and sustainable development,” Maduro assured.

Meanwhile president Maduro urged the European Union (EU) to send a commission to Venezuela to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections, hours after the International Contact Group (ICG) declared an alleged lack of electoral guarantees.

Besides pointing out that Washington prevents Venezuela from maintaining good relations with the EU, the Bolivarian leader recalled that president Donald Trump administration continues to try to overthrow his administration to take control of Venezuela’s oil reserves.

The European Union asked to push back the vote, but Maduro rejected the suggestion and stressed that it is impossible because there is a very clear constitutional mandate.

“If you want to see the truth, send a commission. You will be able to see the whole electoral campaign and the elections. You will be able to see the truth of Venezuela, something that the US government does not allow you to,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Caracas issued a similar invitation to both the United Nations (UN) and the EU, but the ICG declined the invitation.

The EU argued that it would only deploy electoral observers for the elections if there are “important changes to the conditions for the holding of the vote.”

Supposedly, there are not enough conditions in Venezuela for a transparent, inclusive, and fair electoral process, according to the ICG.



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