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Venezuela foiled terrorist attack

CARACAS, Venezuela, (teleSUR) — The Venezuelan ministry of interior announced on Sunday that armed forces and police engaged a group of terrorists attempting to infiltrate Venezuelan territorial waters.  The terrorists were either killed, wounded, or fled after they were confronted by the Venezuelan armed forces.

The president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, later on, slammed the latest attempt by armed terrorists to infiltrate Venezuela’s border by means of a naval invasion from Colombia.

During the failed attempt, Venezuelan forces [have] killed about six terrorists related to different destabilization plans. Also, ten rifles were seized, two machine guns, six trucks, and a boat, all that would be used to carry out terrorist acts.

Cabello said that the incident is still under investigation by the Venezuelan authorities, but he vowed, on behalf of the Constituent Assembly, to confront these terrorists that seek to harm the South American nation.

“We must summarize that terrorists captured are not the only ones who came in the operation. It is under investigation.  We don’t know if there are people who died at sea, or run away,” he said.

According to Cabello, this a coup financed from the United States, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the government of Ivan Duque, president of Colombia.

One of the arrested terrorists is a DEA agent. “He was proven by the operations he conducted. Sadly, those who call themselves Venezuelans are financed by the drug trade, by drug money.” Cabello said.

Cabello referred to the recent request by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, to update plans to reopen the US Embassy in Caracas.

Pompeo arrogantly stated during a press conference that “we must be ready to return to Venezuela as soon as Maduro steps aside.”

Venezuela will confront these acts with all the instruments that guarantee our constitution for the defense of the homeland.

“We’ll use force where it is necessary to preserve internal order. Those who attack our country will assume the consequences. This will be our answer – Bolivarian fury,” assured.



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