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US yet to decry terrorist attack on Cuban embassy, says foreign minister

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CUBA / USA – Cuban foreign minister, H.E. Bruno Rodriguez, said that “one year ago, the Cuban embassy in the United States was the object of an armed attack with a semi-automatic weapon. The government of the United States still refuses to qualify the attack as a terrorist act, yet shamelessly describes the Cuban State as a State sponsor of terrorism.”

April 30 marked one year, since the terrorist attack with a firearm perpetrated against the Cuban embassy in the United States, without the government condemnation.

The Cuban foreign ministry has at various times denounced the dangers of this attitude, as it encourages the execution of similar actions by violent individuals and groups that exist in North America.

A bullet hole is seen in the statue of Cuban National Hero José Martí nestled in the Embassy gardens. Photo: AP

On April 30, 2020, at dawn, Cuban citizen, Alexander Alazo, fired 32 projectiles from a semi-automatic rifle at the diplomatic headquarters, endangering the lives of ten officials who were in the building, reported by Cubadebate. Fortunately, no person was injured in the incident which only caused material damage to the property. However, the White House opted for complete silence instead of denouncing the action, classified as serious by the Caribbean country.

Cuban foreign minister, Rodríguez, “lashed out at the United States’ policy against terrorism, ” said on his Twitter account, “that the US government refuses to classify this aggression as a terrorist act. ”

“However (the United States) has no shame in qualifying the Cuban state as a sponsor of terrorism,” highlighted the head of the Caribbean nation’s diplomatic service.

In addition, the Cuban minister of foreign affairs, alluded last year that: “This attitude of the US administration made them accomplices of the event. It also pointed out that this terrorist act was a direct result of the United States government’s hateful and aggressive policy and speech against the island, as well as the permanent instigation of violence carried out by American politicians, including senior officials of the State Department.”

“The silence, in this case, could become an incentive for those who identify the diplomatic headquarters as targets for violent attacks. A year later, the northern hemispheric nation continues without condemning those events, while groups and individuals with a history of terrorist attacks against Cuba continue to operate with impunity in that country, ” minister Rodríguez insisted. “US agencies maintain millionaire financing to promote subversion on the largest island of the Antilles, as can be verified in the payrolls of those entities.”

This article originally published in Spanish was translated by Peter Lansiquot, First Vice President, St Lucia-Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA).



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