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US Secretary Blinken outlines the power and purpose of American diplomacy

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WASHINGTON, USA – Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, on September 13, 2023, delivered a speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) sharing the Biden administration’s view of the power and purpose of American diplomacy at this historic inflection point – the end of the post-Cold War era and the early days of fierce competition to define what comes next.

The office of the spokesperson, US Department of State, in fact sheet, September 2023, said:

“The Secretary shared the Biden administration’s vision of a free, open, secure, and prosperous world and described how our efforts to reimagine and revitalize our unmatched network of allies and partners have put us in a position of strength to meet the defining tests of our era while delivering for the American people.”

There are four key elements of this approach:

  • First, we’re renewing and deepening our alliances and partnerships, and forging new ones. This includes a NATO that is bigger, stronger, and more united than ever with a new member in Finland and Sweden joining soon. It also includes a G7 that we’ve transformed into the steering committee for the world’s most advanced democracies and critical bilateral relationships with countries from around the world that we’ve taken to the next level.
  • Second, we’re weaving together our alliances and partnerships in innovative and mutually reinforcing ways across issues and continents. It’s been on vivid display in the coalition we’ve built to support Ukraine and ensure Putin’s aggression remains a strategic failure. And we’ve shaped and translated strategic convergence into consequential actions – from AUKUS to the Quad to the announcements made with Japan and the Republic of Korea at Camp David.
  • Third, we’re building new coalitions to tackle the toughest challenges of our time. We’ve mobilized hundreds of billions of dollars with the G7 to close the global infrastructure gap, rallied dozens of countries to respond to the immediate and long-term drivers of the global food crisis, are shaping the rules of the road for AI, and addressing the global synthetic drugs epidemic. We are working not only with governments, but also civil society, the private sector, academia, and citizens, especially young leaders.
  • Finally, we’re bringing our old and new coalitions together to strengthen the international institutions that are vital to tackling global challenges. We’ve offered an affirmative vision for the UN, including expansion of the UN Security Council to incorporate more geographically diverse perspectives; we’re making a push to revitalize and reform Multilateral Development Banks to deal with the perfect storm of climate change, COVID, inflation, and crushing debt; and we’re running and winning seats to leadership positions across the multilateral system to ensure we’re at the table advancing our interests and values.

Secretary Blinken in a New Era in speech at Johns Hopkins, SAIS, continued:

“Fellow democracies will always be our first port of call, but we are determined to work with any country – including those with whom we disagree on important issues – so long as they want to deliver for their citizens, contribute to solving shared challenges, and uphold the international norms we’ve built together.

“We are leading with diplomacy in this new era – humble about the scale and scope of our challenges at home and abroad, but confident about the resonance of our affirmative vision, our enduring and unique capacity to do big, hard things and build broad, inclusive, and effective coalitions. And most of all, we are confident in the power and purpose of American diplomacy,” reports, US Department of State.



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