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Trump undermining our democracy

Dear Sir

As a New Hampshire Independent who votes the candidates, I was hoping to heap some praise on Donald Trump for his accomplishments; for example, increasing the defense budget and promoting our military buildup, but he reverted to his typical lies (20,000 at last count documented by The Washington Post) and disinformation when referring to the outcome of the 2020 election.

Trump and many of his fanatical lockstep followers accused election officials in only states he lost of fraudulent activities. Bipartisan election officials, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents have an exemplary history of Americans processing ballots with honesty and due diligence.

  • Why is there fraud in the 2020 election just in six states Trump lost? Why isn’t Trump questioning vote counts in the other 44 states? Why didn’t Trump question vote counts in the 2016 election?

In 2016 Hilary Clinton could have asked for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which she lost by a total of 84,000 votes, but she didn’t.

Once again Trump is focused on himself and not the country. He is lashing out at our democratic system and principles, and he could undermine the bedrock foundation of our country.

His firing of Defense Secretary Esper and a number of other key Pentagon officials is causing chaos within the Pentagon and jeopardizing our national security, while we are vulnerable during the transition of administrations. Un-American Trump’s refusal to allow Biden’s team to contact government agencies for briefings could disrupt the functioning of our government.

He is unwittingly aiding our enemies.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH



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