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Times up on the vulnerability St Lucia faces

Like an expired visa, today, June 6, 2021, marks a full five-year term of the United Workers Party (UWP) victory at the 2016 electoral elections in Saint Lucia, with no indication of an election day.

In one of my fields of endeavours, when a visa expires flags are raised and one or two government agencies are actioned. The subject is placed under observation.

An expired visa

The extension of time by the Allen Chastanet led-UWP is a further indication that most things are wrong with his administration and are reluctant to leave.

When such indications are expressed. Based on my experience the next level of operation is ensued – ‘force removal’. There are many examples of this type of operation in Latin–America.

Consequently, Saint Lucia has joined the making of a country willing to sacrifice democracy for the oligarchs – a dangerous place to be in notwithstanding accessible proximity to the southern border.

Intelligence reveals that for the first time in the history of Saint Lucia an oligarchy operation is entrenched with an administration, the likes of which has been experienced previously in other countries.

The government has found it convenient to extend its mandate indiscriminately, and seems bent on pushing the envelope. The message is clear. And in much the same as current parliamentarians who insecurely utter and/or interpret falsely, that born Saint Lucians with secondary citizenship and resides in the Commonwealth are not Saint Lucians, should re-examine their political future. The delivery is understood.

Ideas and policy

Recently, Saint Lucia’s opposition and political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Philip Pierre indicated that: “It’s time that we raise the debate in Saint Lucia and that people should argue on policy.” He further argued that: “I think social media should be where you educate people and not spread rumours and gossip and lies,” Pierre stated. “I think it’s wrong,” he expressed.

However, he further offered his preference: “And if you notice, anytime I go on social media as a candidate, as a leader of the party, I go with a policy.”

They are pushing concrete and steel, cutting ribbons on election projects, and in some rear instance opening half-baked projects.

The time for accountability for the government has come and gone, yet they are stuck in the past with little social and economic progress. Their so-called list of achievement lacks a minute understanding of the policy direction in “Building a New Saint Lucia”, if not for the oligarchs. Most right-thinking people are left in a trance, wondering what’s the context after five years of maladministration.

Obfuscation of thought

The situation in Saint Lucia is not where people can meet on a level – for constructive discussion of ideas and elevation of the minds. And thus, part on a square.

Unsurprisingly, the deficiency of government to measure up to the sort of insecurity that extends in the country defies common sense.

In the elucidation of Dr Velon John, “to be sane in a world of insanity is insanity, hence the wisdom of my world is madness …”

Yes, madness, for sure is palpable to events in Saint Lucia. Even for ‘unsavoury characters’ as pronounced by a government minister to explain his attendance and exit at a party: less of course, more exists in the UWP fold that shouts “the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has announced plans to celebrate five years since … it rescued Saint Lucia from the ‘mismanagement and incompetence’ of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).”

Again, how can there be an elevation of the minds, and the discussion of big ideas and policy when the government is conveniently inclined to masquerade and engage the population on every occasion to fete, party every weekend and some type of orchestrated cocktail to brainwash the unexpected.

Surely, this has not escaped the eagle eye of installations in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, and here in Washington.

Clearly, not enough attention is directed to strategic planning to chart realistic expectations and create added value to a dynamic future, bringing the people together in discussion, thought and action.

More often than not, government UWP operatives pontificate that the government is working. #LetsKeepWorking “You can see what we have done to impact people and change their lives,”  and that: “We are very confident that the people are satisfied with our work – how we have impacted the country, the economy and the people themselves.”

Often, the government has pivoted on alternative facts, revolving programs, projects and strategic communication – telling half-truths and outright lies. This is evident in the values and depiction of the oligarchs messaging for their survival – living in an alternative reality.

Conversely, the reality to such confidence is not expressed in policy, and the confidence to call the general elections. However, finds comfort in existing on an expired visa.

Times up on an expired visa

Then and now in the diversity of thought and action, new answers must be formulated. Saint Lucia’s prime minister has admitted he does not listen; and thus, does not respect the diversity of thought and action.

A deficiency that’s unable to bring new ideas and the country together, opening up scenarios for innovation, business and jobs driven by technologies for the future.

Leader of the opposition Pierre previously commented: ‘He [minister Guy Joseph] never speaks truth and reason to my mind.’ What’s more, this resonates as a parallel that consistently meets the characteristics of the Chastanet-led administration.

The façade of Saint Lucia tells a story that ‘Taxpayers are being volunteered into being responsible for dumb policies and their unrealistic costs.’

But really, many are now not questioning Joseph’s emphatic statement: ‘You just start to cry’ – because the UWP administration has reached its expiration date.

Times up on an expired visa. Au revoir, Auf Wiederschen, Good Bye!

 – CNG Insights and Analysis (Toronto / Washington)



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