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This is Philip’s time, says former PM Dr Anthony

By Caribbean News Global fav

TORONTO, Canada – Addressing the annual general conference of the constituency of Castries East, last Saturday, the constituency of Philip Pierre and political leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) former prime minister Dr Kenny Anthony told his audience – “This is Philip’s time.”

The much-anticipated public endorsement and photo opportunity should put the critics to rest; answer pertinent questions of leadership, character, integrity, truth, and trust, inclusive of a ‘road map’ on the way forward.

“This is a time for a sound technician, a leader who understands this economy and has the will and courage to act. This is Philip’s time. The SLP has never lacked courage and will to act in the interest of the country when it needs to do so,” said former prime minister Anthony, utilizing the theme: ‘We are stronger together’.

Dr Anthony offered reasons why the SLP leader Pierre J Pierre, “is the man to do the job to rescue the nation in these times,” and placed all doubt and critical nomenclature that his ‘presence here today puts a lie’ to all and sundries and their wicked intentions.

“Today, I come without fanfare, I come deeply troubled. I come with fear and anxiety about the future which faces us.” Dr Anthony advised that his time at the helm of the SLP has passed, fundamental to the type of leadership required in these times.

“ When I entered politics in 1997, I brought theatre, glamour and colour to campaigning; our party must re-invent to face the new realities, Pierre is his own man and must be allowed to be his own man.”

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Former prime minister Dr Anthony further explained that Pierre understands the soul of the people of Saint Lucia.

“We sat in the same Cabinet for three terms. He understands the pain, the fear and the anguish of our people and never failed to advance or plead their cause. That is why he could say to prime minister Allen Chastanet “stop giving away the resources of the country to his friends, his family and foreigners and – Put our people first.”

“No leader can survive without a mission and a vision. But a leader must have a soul. He must be anchored morally, spiritually, and ideologically. Pierre does, in every respect,” said Dr Anthony.

SLP Campaign Slogan: Putting You First 

Dr Anthony explained to his audience that given the current reality Saint Lucia faces “this is not the time for glamour and theatre,” outlined:

“We have been insulted, bruised and battered. Our country needs healing. We need the firm but gentle spirit of Pierre to heal this nation. We need a leader who can calm the angry, the troubled and the dispossessed. We need a leader who can pour oil over troubled waters. We need a leader who is a ‘unifier’ who can treat every citizen with respect, accord dignity, end discrimination, bring peace and understanding to all.”

“I have repeatedly said Pierre is a ‘nuts and bolt’ politician. He is a ‘meticulous planner’ – always consumed by the finest details. That is why he triumphed election after election in Castries east and will triumph again,” caution the critics that “Pierre will ensure that this party is fully prepared for the contest ahead and that as he [Pierre] always says, ‘Keep the prize in focus’”. Interestingly, Dr Anthony told his audience that, “Pierre is most lethal when he prepares for battle. He prepares stealthily, quietly and without fanfare. And there is no question that Philip is a listener. Always open to other views. This is a humble politician who never believes he has all the answers. Consultation and more consultation is his mantra.”

Moreover, Dr Anthony said: “No one can doubt or question Pierre’s integrity – No One. No one can ascribe corruption to him or acts of misfeasance in office.”

Consequent of the task ahead “to rescue the nation in these times” and given “the nature of the Chastanet’s regime corruption and of the management of the public service and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) a collapsing economy, regional and international reputation needs urgent restoration.”

Dr Anthony ascribed the fundamental question: “What type of leadership is required in these times?”

This is a time for a sound technician, a leader who understands this economy and has the will and courage to act. This is Philip’s time,” he reaffirmed. ‘Let us come to Saint Lucia’s rescue. Let us again, ensure that Saint Lucia is a place where its people come first,” he said.




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