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There are more questions than answers in St Lucia

By Denys Springer

Current political manoeuvring, economic and social collaboration put forward many questions – but then, obtaining answers is not that simple. There is no doubt that the Allen Chastanet-led administration is at a fork-in the road. They were at a loss which way to go because from inception. They took the wrong route. So, whichever way they choose now, disaster awaits them.

It is truly a sad state of affairs in Saint Lucia. The government has very little time (in the fifth year) and they are certainly at odds with each another. There are serious rumblings in the United Workers Party (UWP) seeking to have their leader Allen Chastanet replaced, based on reports from a meeting at the prime minister’s residence Tuesday evening, follow-up meeting at Cabinet level on Thursday, and a presumptive conference at Vieux-Fort this weekend.

Besides, I would like to ask the UWP what they saw in the present prime minister that they did not see in Stephenson King. Was it that King was slavish of a colonial mind? I want to know why King is in this Cabal Cabinet as a senior politician and an ex-prime minister?

More worrisome, King seems filled with gripe, pretending to be a new-born in an ageing body. So, now battered by known corrupt elements in Cabinet, machinations of King’s resignation and options of becoming a back-bencher, is a deliberate ploy for political sympathy.

However, there are more questions than answers. Notable, King is just as guilty as the ruffians of ancient times. He has voted in favour of all the laws passed in parliament and stood in support of Allen Chastanet as prime minister on every opportunity. He has lost public confidence and the remaining credibility he harboured – making the best of a bad situation worse.

The only reason King, Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, Guy Joseph and Edmund Estephane are attempting to replace Chastanet as prime minister is because it is about their survival. They are upset that they are losing the elections. Their foreign consultants and Barbadian pollster confirm they are losing the ground and should they prolong the general elections (despite conspicuous construction projects) their popularity and chance of winning the election will get worse.

The new COVID-19 (Prevention and Control) Bill (a political tool) aimed at controlling the electorate into a general election, is the icing on the cake. The protest march and mass rally last Sunday sent a message to the conspirators, that Enough is Enough.  #Chastanetmustgo

I am writing not out of malice but out of concern for Saint Lucia, regardless of which government is in power. Nevertheless, not the Allen Chastanet-led administration. His leadership has led to our freedoms being eroded day by day because of the evildoers in our midst, making our life a misery. They infringe on our freedoms and liberty out of selfishness, malice and greed. But I say to this government that I value my freedom and therefore I am prepared to fight anyone who wants to deprive me of it by their sinful actions.

Martin Luther King Jr once again said: “The yearnings for freedom eventually manifest itself”. How can we ascribe as Christians and free man and women when so many are living in abject poverty and support a government that only cares for Friends, Family, and Foreigners (FFF).

The Chastanet-led administration must realize that there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled on. There comes a time when people get tired of being plunged in the abyss of exploitation and nagging injustice. We must always remember that oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever.

As Martin Luther King said: “Let freedom reign and when this happens this will be the day when all of god’s children will be able to sing with new meaning my country tiss of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing, land where my father’s died. So, from every mountainside let freedom reign”.

The Chastanet generation of UWPs are propagandist, deceptive and half-truth storytellers, all of which are prominent in the miscreants of Cabinet and the executive branch that governs Saint Lucia.

At present, there is dogmatic, dictatorial tendencies and a pathetic few who want to rule by decree a democratic country. Visible in building ‘a new Saint Lucia’, the country is returning to the white colonial Massa of the aristocrats and privilege lot in our midst.

I am of the view that a cult has arisen which seem to acquire such monstrosity coming from a so-called leader who glorifies his persona, a protege to narcissism.

Accordingly, questions abound whether such persons should govern Saint Lucia? Certainly not. And it is even more ludicrous to think that Saint Lucia bore forth flatterers and specialists in false optimism and deceit.

On the other hand, what does it say of the prime minister of Saint Lucia to claim, “I am a product of Canada”, said Allen Chastanet?

Canada embodies the promotion of gender equality and the protection of human rights and cultural diversity. Canada embraces identity, respects culture, rule of law, irrespective of class and creed. Ask prime minister Justin Trudeau, who has been made to account on many occasions. Canada has a physiological approach to governance and social consciousness. Canadians are polite, respectful and descent loving people.

Allen Chastanet, the prime minister of Saint Lucia is nowhere near a product of Canada. It is, however, a disgrace to Canada, someone who is diametrically opposite the requirements of being Canadian, claiming to be a product of Canadian. Trust me, Canada and Canadians are better off without such a brown noser. It’s disparaging if you ask me.

Again, questions abound about Chastanet’s attempt to transform his characteristics, of a superior complex to superficially change his identity (for a moment of expediency) claiming to be a Canadian – consistently message his infallible narcissism behaviour of a fictional character and/or a product with a best by date, i.e., expiration date at the next general elections.

There is a conglomeration of exceedingly serious perversions of political principles, national principles and more so, preservation of our democracy. Therefore, we have to look towards aspects of humanity, professionalism and mannerism that embody “nuts and bolt” persona.



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