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The UNC delivers hope in our darkest hour 

Dear Sir

In the last four to five weeks on the election campaign, we have seen two very different tones and message content between the two political leaders vying for prime minister. The aggressive rants of Dr Keith Rowley where we are constantly reminded of Trinidad and Tobago’s decline versus the uplifting, unifying spirit projected by Kamla Persad Bissessar as she addresses the nation every week.

It’s a remarkable contrast as on the part of the incumbent, what we have is a cavalcade of unhinged rants against the opposition and a constant, narrow focus on COVID-19, all in a desperate attempt to make the Peoples National Movement (PNM) seem like a more viable choice on August 10.

With Persad Bissessar, we have a different story; whether it be via her daily writings to the people of Trinidad and Tobago on social media or her many speeches from the United National Congress (UNC) virtual platform, what we are given is a seemingly endless supply line of plans for the better and calls for unity.

Persad Bissessar is on the ground every single day, distributing hampers and whenever she can, physically interacting with all cross-sections of people in Trinidad and Tobago. She shows her love for the citizenry and her desire to lead us once again. She reaches out to the business community as much as possible, at every level, to understand their struggles and needs. Her love for children prioritizes her policies and actions to be in the best interest of all children of Trinidad and Tobago.

While Dr Rowley creates narratives out of thin air such as Watson Duke being a UNC operative in Tobago and the UNC coordinating stranded nationals so that they make noise on social media to make the PNM look bad, Persad Bissessar has stood true to her nature as a loving, pragmatic and dedicated leader.

As political leader, she has opened the door to the next generation of leaders with unveiling such a young and diverse slate. She has shown her propensity for progress with an economic masterplan that has been out since October and she amends at every opportunity to fit Trinidad and Tobago’s circumstances as best as possible.

A prime ministerial candidate that has been a voice to all during these tumultuous times and have included all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, of all backgrounds into the fold of planning for 2020 onwards.

A leader that loves us, fights for all and takes every opportunity to restore hope and bring calm, especially so in these trying times.

As Dr Rowley’s PNM has led us into our darkest hour, Persad Bissessar stands tall with an offering of hope. As Dr Rowley speaks fleetingly about boundless faith, Persad Bissessar exudes a boundless faith in the people of Trinidad and Tobago as she calls upon us to stand side by side as we go through the storms of 2020 and beyond.

Come August 10, you must choose which path Trinidad and Tobago will take in achieving its destiny. Will we continue with five more years of self-inflicted doom and gloom or will we grab our golden opportunity of hope and progress.

The Decision Desk



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